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August 27, 2013
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Hilda's Torment

Hilda woke up in a dark room. She yawned tiredly and tried to stretch her stiff limbs. However when she tried to move her arms, she found that they wouldn’t move, and it was the same with her legs. Hilda was horrified to realize that she was tied down!

She couldn’t see where she was, as the room was far too dark. However, she could judge by her position that she was sitting down with her legs bound straight in front of her, and her arms bound over her head.
“H-Hello? Is anyone there?” Hilda tried calling out to the darkness, hoping someone would hear her.
To her surprise, someone did.

The door opened, spilling light into the room. Hilda turned her head away from the sudden bright light.
“Oh, you’re finally awake.” A woman’s voice said.
Hilda, whose eyes had gotten used to the light, looked up to see two women.
Wearing Team Plasma uniforms!
“It’s about time! She’s been sleeping for hours!” The woman on the left said, turning on a light switch.
The grunts were both female, and they wore classic Team Plasma uniforms, just with their hoods down.
The grunt on the left had blonde hair cut short, with big, excited blue eyes. She looked to be the younger out of the two, almost Hilda’s age but a little older.
The grunt on the right had long, scarlet red hair. Her eyes were calm, emerald green. She appeared to be around 20 or 19.

“W-where am I?” A terrified Hilda asked her captors. Now that there was light in the room, she could see a plain white room, with no accessories other than a door opposite of where Hilda was sitting. Hilda was sitting on a cushioned chair, with her arms bound above her to a pole. Her feet were trapped in a pair of stocks, with her boots still on. Leather straps secured her knees down and her waist to the chair.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that.” The red head said. The blonde girl giggled.
“We can tell you our names though. Mine’s Alice.” Alice curtseyed, then giggled again.
“I’m Rachel, pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Rachel nodded formally.
Hilda gulped, she was still nervous about what Team Plasma wanted from her.

“W-what do you want from me?” Hilda stuttered.
“Awww, you look so cute when you’re scared!” Alice gushed, walking up to Hilda and pinching her cheek.
“Ow! Hey hehe!” Hilda flinched from Alice’s playful pinch, giggling from the silliness of it. Alice gushed some more.
“Awwwww, your giggle is so CUTE!” Behind her, Rachel chuckled.
“Now, now Alice, there will be plenty of giggles later.” Alice’s playful look suddenly turned mischeivious.
“You’re right.” Alice walked back Rachel’s side.

Hilda was suddenly scared again, what did they mean by that? Before she could think more, Rachel approached her.
“We don’t want to hurt you Miss Hilda, all we want is the location of Zekrom.” Rachel said politely.
“Zekrom? The legendary pokemon? How should I know where Zekrom is?” The young girl responded fearfully.

Alice giggled maliciously. She leaned against the stocks holding Hilda’s feet.
“I was hoping you’d say that.”

Hilda didn’t like the way both of them were looking at her.
“W-what are you gonna do to me?” Hilda asked fearfully as Rachel joined Alice at her feet.
They didn’t answer, instead they began slipping off her boots.
“H-hey! Leave my boots alone!” Hilda’s eyes grew fearful as they slipped her boots off. Alice noticed this.
“Aww don’t worry we won’t hurt you.” Alice said kindly as she grabbed the toe of Hilda’s right sock.
Hilda still was unconvinced. She grew even more worried as Rachel and Alice tugged off her white cotton socks.
“Ooohhhh! These are the Cuuuuuuuutest feet ever!” Alice squealed.

Hilda curled her toes when they felt the cool air.
“T-Thanks. I take good care of them.” Hilda blushed at the unexpected compliment.
Alice began caressing them lightly.
“So soft and smooth.” She muttered, absolutely smitten with Hilda’s cute feet.
Hilda squirmed around as Alice lightly nuzzled her feet, giggling slightly.

“Heehee hey thahat tihickles!” Hilda giggled pleasantly. Alice put on her evil grin again.
“Good. That’s exactly what we were hoping for.” Rachel said, tugging the sock off of Hilda’s left foot.
“Whahahat? Whihihy?” Hilda continued giggling as Alice continued to caress and nuzzle.
“Because we’re going to tickle you into telling us where we can find Zekrom.” Rachel began scratching Hilda’s soft soles with her really sharp nails.
“Wahahahahahaha! Nahahaha!” Hilda’s giggles turned to laughter as the tickling sensations grew stronger.

“Such cute laughter. Such ticklish feet.” Alice cooed with delight as her gentle caresses became ticklish scratches.
“Ahahahah! Whihihihihihihihihy ahhahaahahahahahahare yohohohoohohohu tihihihihickling meeeeeheheheh?!” Hilda managed to say through her laughter.  
“Uhhh, to get information out of you.” Alice said, happily scritch-scratching away at Hilda’s squirming feet.
“Didn’t I just say that?” Rachel asked her partner, not slowing down.

“Buhuhuht whihihhiy tihihickling?” Hilda said through her laughs.
“Because tickling leaves no permanent marks, yet it can break certain people. People such as yourself,  I’ve never worked with anyone so ticklish.” Rachel mused as she began scratching at her heels.
“Nohohoho! Nohohot Thehehhehehehere!” Hilda squealed as her laughter got louder. The tickling sensations grew unbearable for her.

“Ooooh, are your little arches sensitive?” Alice cooed, as she started caressing Hilda’s right arch.
Hilda’s face started turning red from lack of breath.
“Yehehehehes! Ohohoho gohohohohod breheheheheheak! Breheheheheheheheak!” Hilda cried out helplessly, trying to move her feet away from the devious fingers. Rachel turned to her blonde partner, who was still gently caressing and nuzzling Hilda’s feet delicately.  
“Should we Alice?”  She asked innocently.
Alice paused her affectionate actions to say one word.
“Never.” She continued stroking Hilda’s arches as if nothing happened.

“Nohohohhohoh! *Gasp* P-plehehehehehease!” Hilda tried to catch a breath as she laughed.
“Sorry cutie, but until you tell us where Zekrom is, your cute little feet our ours!” Alice said cheerfully, now scratching Hilda’s arches instead of stroking.
“Nahahahahaahahahahahaha! *Gasp*Merherherherherhercy!  Ohohohohohoho *gasp* Ihihihit tihihihihihihihihihckles tohohohohohoho muhuhuch!”
Rachel and Alice were unyielding.
“Where is Zekrom?” Rachel asked, still fluttering her sharp nails along her squirming foot.
“Ihihihihihihihihihi dohohohohohohohon’t *gasp* knohohohohohohhow! P-plehehehehehehase stahahahahahahahahp!” Hilda begged, straining to speak.

“We won’t until you tell us the truth. We know you know.” Rachel said calmly, moving her hand up to tease the ball of her foot.
“Ohohohohohhoho *gasp* gohohohohhod *gasp* yohohohour kihihihihihihhihiling *gasp* meeheehehehehe!”  Hilda started getting tears in her eyes, and her face was getting more and more red as she was deprived of more and more oxygen.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Alice moved her fluttering fingers up to her toes.
Hilda went silent.
Her face turned crimson red, as her mouth opened in silent laughter.
Her belly hurt. Her jaw ached. She was getting light-headed from lack of oxygen. She had never thought of tickling as torture, but as she sat strapped to chair, forced to laugh her guts out; She began to see this as a living hell.

She when she thought she was going to pass out, they stopped.
“*Huff* *huff* *huff* oh man. T-that was torture.” Hilda gasped, curling her tingling toes.
Rachel was unsympathetic.
“It could get a whole lit worse unless you tell us where Zekrom is.” She said, dragging a finger down Hilda’s pink sole.
“EEEEP! No! Please! I don’t know I swear!” Hilda said fearfully. Tears started emerging in her eyes.
Alice noticed them.

“Rach, what if she’s telling the truth?” Alice whispered to her partner.
“She has too. Our intel said that she knows.” Rachel whispered back. Alice was unconvinced.
“Those idiots at intel can’t remember the locations of their own lockers. Look at her, you really think a child could last that long without cracking?” Alice reasoned. Despite being her interrogator, she had grown fond of the girl.
A flicker of doubt crossed Rachel’s face.
“Fine, we go one more round against her. If she doesn’t crack, we’ll stop.”
Alice smiled.

Hilda’s face turned a lighter shade of pink during her break. She had gotten her breath back, and the stitch in her side had gone away.
She shuffled her feet nervously as her two interrogators conversed in secret where she couldn’t hear them.
Were they going to tickle her more? Were they going to let her go? What were they thinking?
All of a sudden, Alice and Rachel came back smiling evilly.
And just like that, Hilda was scared again.

“W-why are you smiling like that?” Hilda asked fearfully.
While Alice reached for something under the stocks, Rachel walked up next to Hilda.
“We’re smiling because we aren’t done with you.” Rachel dragged a finger up Hilda’s bare armpit.
“EEEEEEK! Nohohohho!” Hilda squealed as one of her most ticklish spots was teased.
“Please don’t tickle me again!” Hilda almost started crying right then and there, she was going to be tortured all over again!
“Like I said, we won’t stop until you tell us. We’ll be here all day, and all night, until you tell us. And this time we won’t stop until you pass out.” Rachel began fluttering her fingers against both her armpits.
“Teheheheh plehehehehase! I dohohon’t knohoHOHOHOHOHOHHOW WHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAT IHIHIHHIS THAAHAHAHAHAHAHAT!?” Hilda suddenly screamed with laughter as Alice started scrubbing her soles with two hairbrushes.

“Noooooothing” Alice said happily as she continued to tickle the two small feet in front of her with the stiff bristled hairbrushes.
“OHOHOHOHOHHOHO NOHOHOHOHOHOHHOHO PLEHEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!” Hilda begged her interrogators as she thrashed against her bonds. This was the most intense tickling she had ever experienced. Her poor feet squirmed around, trying to bat away the two hairbrushes.
“Grrr, stop moving your feet!” Alice muttered in frustration. Hilda didn’t hear her and only laughed in response. Alice temporarily stopped scrubbing Hilda’s soles and reached for one more thing under the stocks.

Hilda would have breathed a sigh of relief when she felt Alice pull the hairbrushes away, if Rachel weren’t tickling her armpits. Rachel’s devilishly long fingernails elicited pure, strong laughter from the helpless Pokemon trainer.
Hilda was regretting more than anything at that moment, was  not wearing a shirt that covered her armpits.
“Mmmheheheheh stahahahahap!” Hilda laughed and giggled as the red-haired woman scratched at Hilda’s hairless underarms.

What she was too distracted to notice was Alice carefully tying her big toes back to the stocks with silk ribbons. She did however, notice the new restraints when Alice started running feathers under Hilda’s toes.
“NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! WHAHAHAHAHAHAT DIHIHHID YOHOHOHOHOHOHU DO TOHOHOHOHO MY TOHOHOHOHOHOHHOES!?” Hilda cried out as the feathers titillated the tender flesh under her tender toes.
“Oh, I tied them back. Now you can’t get away!” Alice said happily as she swept the feathers across the crazy ticklish skin.

“Yes your toesies! I could just tickle them, and tickle them, and tickle them, all day long!” Aliced cooed as she started nuzzling Hilda’s immobilized soles while tickling her toes.
“Mmmmm, I wish I could keep you. You have such soft, smooth feet.” Alice muttered to herself. She reached under the stocks again for a bottle of lotion.
“Time to make them even softer and smoother.” Alice mused before squirting some lotion into her hand before rubbing it into Hilda’s twitching soles.
As she rubbed the lotion in, she realized that Hilda’s soles slowed down their twitching, and flexed with relaxation. She looked up and saw Hilda laughing and squirming under Rachel’s fluttering fingernails. Rachel was a very evil tickler. Alice shivered as she remembered being under the red-head’s torturous nails.
“I almost feel bad about this.” She muttered to herself as she rubbed the lotion into Hilda’s relaxing feet.
The lotion would not only make her feet softer, but they would also make her much more sensitive.
As she finished rubbing the lotion into her victim’s feet, she started running her fingers along her toes.

Hilda, who was initially basking in the torture of Rachel’s armpit torture, and the relaxing sensation of a foot massage, was now basking in the powerful torture of both girls tickling her at the same time.
Alice had rubbed some sort of lotion into her feet, which made her soles tingle pleasantly, however when Alice began tickling her again;
She went ballistic

“This isn’t even the best part!” Alice said before grabbing her hairbrushes again. She held them up for Hilda to see.
When Hilda’s eyes focused on the two tools of ultimate torture, they widened with fear. Out of breath from her earlier tickling, she could only shake her head as Rachel continued to tickle her. Alice only nodded her head before viciously attacking Hilda’s feet with the hairbrush.
Silent laughter was all that left her lungs.
It was the most extreme feeling in the world. She lost all the energy to struggle, and just hung limp as Alice kept scrubbing her soles with the hairbrushes.  

Again, her face reddened, her belly began to hurt, and her jaw began to ache from excess laughing. They were really going to tickle her to death this time. Rachel said herself that they wouldn’t stop until she told them information she didn’t even know.
She was screwed.
As she laughed silently from her torment, she realized she was running out of air. Light-headedness took over.

Rachel saw that Hilda was broken. She drew her fingers away and leaned in to ask Hilda;
“We can make this last all night. If you want us to stop, tell us where Zekrom is!” Rachel demanded. The pokemon trainer wouldn’t be awake much longer. This was the ultimatum, if Hilda said she didn’t know, than she was telling the truth.
“Well?” Rachel asked, looking back at Alice, who was had slowed down her tickling.
Hilda opened her tear-filled eyes, and looked at Rachel dead in the eye.

“I don’t know…”
Then she passed out.

Hilda woke up an hour later, on a couch.
“Wha? A dream?” Hilda mused to herself.
“No. It was real.” A familiar giggly voice said behind her.
Hilda swiftly turned around to see Alice standing next to a door, dressed in her classic Team Plasma outfit with her hood down, and barefoot. Her toes were painted pink.
“I-is it over?” Hilda asked fearfully, she noticed she was still barefoot.
“Yes, it’s over. You will be kept here until our plan comes to fruition. The TV has a wide selection of movies, and channels. I’ll be your roommate and gaoler.” Alice winked. Hilda was caught off guard by this.
“Roommate?” Hilda asked.

“Yep, I’m supposed to make sure you behave while you’re our guest.” Alice sat down next to Hilda who shrank away from the blonde torturer.
“I’m also supposed to ‘entertain’ you, but you know what?” Alice placed her feet on Hilda’s lap.
“I think you deserve some revenge.” Alice wiggled her toes welcomingly. “I’ll try to make up for wrongly torturing you. So go ahead, don’t be shy!” Alice urged a confused Hilda.
“W-why?” She asked.
“’Cause I’m bored! I thought you would want some revenge right?” Alice continued to urge Hilda as she wiggled her toes more.

Hilda smiled in an evil way that was similar to Alice.
“Yeah, I do.” Hilda said before running her nails up and down Alice’s soles.
As Alice started giggling, Hilda chuckled to herself.
“Enjoying yourself?”
“Yehehehehehes!” Alice squealed in response.
“Good, because I’m not stopping anytime soon.” Hilda smiled pleasantly before moving up to Alice’s toes.
“Gahahahahahaha! Ohihohohohohoh ihihiht tihihihickles!” Alice giggled cutely.

It would be a while before someone would come to Hilda’s rescue, but until then, she had a friend to have fun with.
When Hilda is captured by Team Plasma and is tickle tortured for information that she doesn't even know, how far will Team Plasma push her?

This is a request from :iconpokemonandyugioh1:
While this is one of the shorter stories I've written, I still hope it's to your liking bud.

Next on the list is :iconneverb4: with her request
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There must be a part 2 to this!
I love Hilda:heart:
SSJ3Adean Oct 28, 2013  Student Writer
Very well done. I love the ending the best. An interesting twist if you ask me. Where did you come up with this?
This looks amazing.
PokemonAndYugioh1 Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thx you very much i really like it ^_^
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