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September 28, 2013
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When Officer Jenny was off duty, she had a very special pass time.
After a hard day at the police station, chasing down criminals and locking them up, she needed a way to unwind.
In her house, there was a small room that was always locked. She carried the key with her everywhere she went, and always kept it in the same pocket on her person.
She brought that key out now.
It was a simple key, nothing extraordinary about it.
Then she unlocked, and opened the room.

The room had two simple features, features that made it different and…very peculiar compared to the rest of the house.
There was a set of padded stocks, connected to a cushioned armchair with no legs, so it was resting entirely off the ground.
She sat down in that very armchair and placed her feet in the semi-circles of the stocks. She closed the upper half over her ankles before locking the stocks in place, effectively binding her feet.
She reclined back in the chair; her still-shoed feet hung half and inch above the ground.
She pulled out two pokeballs, containing two very special pokemon who commonly helped her with this particular activity.

From her chair, she released them
“I choose you, Arcanine! Growlithe!” She declared as two beams of white light emerged from the pokeballs and took the form of the two canine pokemon. They barked in a friendly way when they saw their trainer. They didn’t look surprised to see her in such a predicament.
“Hello again you two. You know what to do.” She said as she reclined back in the chair, waiting for them to start.

And start they did.
They started by removing her shoes, lightly nipping at the toe of her shoes. Their actions lossened her shoes until and they were able to pull the shoes of her feet, revealing her navy blue painted toenails. She sighed in delight, wiggling her toes in the cool air.
The fun part was about to start though.
On her left foot, she felt Growlithe lightly drag its tongue up her sole. Her breath hitched.
It tickled.
It was a very light tickling sensation though, so she didn’t even giggle.

Then Arcanine joined in.
Arcanine was not as gentle as Growlith, rasping its big tongue up her foot ticklishly.
This time, her toes twitched, and her foot jerked from the tickly sensation.
She gripped the armrests to her chair tightly. She knew she was in for a long, ticklish ride.
Arcanine continued to lick up and down her right foot, making it twitch and attempt to pull away.
Her lips curled into a smile from the sensations shooting up her right leg. She gripped the leather of the armchair harder.
She jumped when she felt tickling on her left foot. Growlithe had joined in earnest.

Growlithe was slower with its tickling, slowly dragging its tongue up her foot, and nibbling gently at her toes. Jenny squealed every time the pup nibbled her toes.

With the nibbling at her toes, and the lapping at her soles, Officer Jenny dissolved into giggles.
“Geheheheheh yehehehes mohohohore!” She said in delight.
Arcanine used its soft, large tongue to continue lapping at Jenny’s soles. Its saliva made her soles softer, making the tickles stronger. Every lick was ticklier than the last basically.
Growlithe contributed as well.
Utilizing its pointed yet not sharp teeth, it nibbled Jenny’s super ticklish toes, making her squeal and wiggle them. He utilized his smaller tongue on her toes when he wasn’t nibbling.
“Yehheheehehehs, juuhuhuhuhust lihihihke thahahahaht!” Her giggles turned to laughter, as her toes wiggled from the more intense sensations.

The licking and nibbling did not just tickle her, but there was a slight pleasurable backdrop to the licking. Their tongues were war, wet and soft, making the licking feel almost like a wet massage. The tickling over powered that particular feeling of the session, so it was giggles and laughter that emerged from the officer, not moans.
“Hehehehehehehahahahah.” She squirmed a little, gripping the armrest tightly.
The two dog pokemon increased the intensity of their actions.
Arcanine started nibbling at Jenny’s arches as well as licking.
Jenny’s eyes bulged as she let loose a gale of heavy laughter. Her arches were her sweet spot, and when Arcanine lightly nibbled against the silky skin of her arch, she burst out with laughter exceeding the intensity of before.
Growlithe joined in by slowly licking up and down her arches, driving her into further hysterics.

“OHOHOHOHOHO GOHOHOHOHOD GROHOHOHOHOWLITHE NOHOHOHOHOHO!” She begged playfully. She could go longer but not much longer, she was beginning to lose her breath. Tears of laughter streamed down her face as well.
“GAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH OK STAHAP STAP STAHAHAHAHAHP!” She managed to say, squirming her feet around wildly as the tickling sensations became too much.
The pokemon immediately backed off, sitting obediently as their trainer caught her breath, recovering from the intense tickle session she just went through.

She wasn’t done though, she had a game in mind.
“Ok, listen up you two, I have a little wager for you both.” She said. The ears of the two pokemon perked up. They were curious as to what this ‘wager’ was.
“I have a timer on my watch. If you can make me laugh in 5 minutes, I’ll treat you both to your favorite poke-blocks!” She said.
The two dog-like pokemon got hearts in their eyes, and nodded their heads eagerly. Their favorite pokeblocks if they could make their trainer laugh in 5 minutes. Easy!

Jenny smiled. She gripped the leather armrests tight. This was going to be intense.
“Alright, go!”
The pokemon rushed to her feet and went about their work.
Arcanine started lapping vigorously at Jenny’s soles, while Growlithe nibbled at her arches.
Jenny’s eyes bugged, then she shut them tight. She grit her teeth hard. She loved giving herself little challenges like this. It added extra fun to an already fun activity.

As Arcanine continued licking her feet, her soles once again grew softer and more ticklish, making each lick ticklier than the last. Growlithe’s constant nibbling on her arches didn’t help at all either. He occasionally added a lick or two to soften her arch up, so as the trio hit the two minute mark, the tickling sensations had only gotten worse.
Her finger had dug deep into the leather of the armrest. She grit her teeth harder and squeezed her eyes tight. She would not laugh. She would not lose!

As they hit the four minute mark, Arcanine and Growlithe looked at each other and had an idea. Growlithe came over to Jenny’s other foot to join Arcanine in orally tickling that foot.
Growlithe nibbled at Jenny’s toes while Arcanine licked Jenny’s arch.
Jenny was completely unprepared for this turn of events, and only managed to hold her laughter for 5 seconds just before she lost it.

The two stopped and looked at each other victoriously. They had won.
Jenny panted for breath as she reached forward and unlocked the stocks, letting her wet feet free. She got a towel from the nearby nightstand, and used it to towel her feet dry. She had been tickled so intensely that they were a rich shade of pink, and hyper sensitive.
She giggled slightly as she accidently tickled herself while toweling herself dry.
“Hehe, come here you two.” She said, gesturing to the pokemon who had tenderly (not really) tortured her for the last 20 minutes.
They rushed forward, only to accept a petting from her.
“Thank you both, I seem to owe you both-”

She was cut off by her radio, going off.
“Officer Jenny, we have just subdued a criminal over.” A male voice said. She picked up the radio and responded.
“This is Officer Jenny, what was this criminal doing over?” She asked.
“Her and another female accomplice had just tried to steal pokemon from the local Pokemon Center. The accomplice got away over.” The male voice responded begrudgingly.
“Do we know where she is over?” Jenny asked, slipping her shoes back on.
“No we do not, and the suspect is not talking over.” He said.
Jenny looked at the stocks/chair, and her two pokemon.
“I may have an idea. I’ll be there to pick her up over.”
She smiled to herself.

Officer Jenny walked down the hallway, escorting the criminal.
“Grrr. Where are we?” The criminal named Rachel asked.
Rachel was admittedly, quite a pretty girl of 18 years old, dressed in a black hoodie and black jeans. She had long, messy brown hair and flawless pale skin, she was rather short; about 5’4, and she had rich indigo eyes.
Those beautiful eyes were covered by a blindfold, to prevent her from knowing where she was.
“Just keep moving!” Jenny pushed the handcuffed criminal into the secret room, locking the door behind them.
“I-I heard a door lock! What are you doing?!” She asked as Jenny forced her into the leather chair, pushing her ankles into the open stocks before closing and locking them.
“H-Hey! W-what? I can’t move my feet!” She squirmed in the chair helplessly.
“I have a few questions I need to ask you Ms. Rachel. Firstly, I need to know where your accomplice is hiding.” Officer Jenny said, kneeling in front of Rachel’s immobilized feet.
“S-screw you!” Rachel said, her feet squirming nervously.

“Too bad, you’ve forced me to use alternative means of interrogation.” She started untying Rachel’s shoes.
“Y-your going to torture me?” She squeaked fearfully.
“In a way, yes.” Jenny admitted, slipping her shoes off, revealing Rachel’s bare size 7s.
“P-please don’t hurt me.” She managed to say. She was getting scared.
“Tell me where your accomplice is.” Jenny tried to reason with her. Rachel got a determined look on her face.
“No! I’m not selling her out!” She said determined.
Jenny smiled, she grabbed the pokeballs at her thigh.
“You leave me no choice then.” She said as she released Growlithe and Arcanine.

“Wait what pokemon did you release?! What are you doing?!” She asked, getting more scared as she curled and flexed her toes. Jenny pat her feet comfortingly.
“Shhh, you won’t be hurt, but you will be tortured. You just need to tell me who and where your accomplice is for me to stop. She said.
“Y-you’re gonna torture me….but not hurt me? How does that work?” She asked, believing the officer was lying to her.
“It works like this…” She gestured for her pokemon to start the interrogation.

Arcanine took his place next to her right foot as Growlithe took his place at her left. Arcanine, the ever eager one started licking at Rachel’s heels slowly, while Growlithe nibbled at her heels gently.
Rachel was taken by surprise.
“W-whahahaht? T-thahahaht tihihhickles!”  She squealed as her heels where tickled.
“It will get worse if you do not tell me where your accomplice is hiding.” Jenny promised her, sitting on a nearby stool.
Rachels heart dropped. She was going to be tickle-tortured?!

“Yohohohou’re gonna tihihickle tohohorture mehehehehe?” She giggled, trying desperately to pull her feet out of the stocks. She was deathly ticklish! If they found her sweet spot…
“Nohohoho! Stahahahap nohohohohow!” She demanded.
“Not until you give me the answers I need.” She said unsympathetically.
Rachel’s face contorted defiantly.
“Nehehehever!” She blurted through giggles.

“Very well…” Jenny gestured to her pokemon to kick it up a notch.
Arcanine started lapping at her soles, while Growlithe nibbled at her arch.
“Geeehheheheheh Stahaahhaahp ihihihit! Stuhuhuuhuhhupid muuhuhuhtts!” She cried out angrily trying to thrash out of her prison.
Growlithe ignored her. She would get hers.
Arcanine’s pride however, was wounded. Irritated, Arcanine started licking up the entire length of her foot, from her heels to the ball of her toes.
“Gahahahahahah! Nohohohhohoho stahahahahahaahp plehehehehehehehase!” Rachel got frantic. Not because of the increased intensity of the tickling, but because the Arcanine’s tongue got horrifyingly close to her sweet spot.

Then his tongue hit it.

“GAHAHAHAHAH!” She blurted with great gales of laughter, wiggling her toes like crazy as the Arcanine accidently licked her toes.
Jenny jumped in her seat when Rachel shrieked with laughter out of the blue.
“What the-?” She realized what Arcanine did. She smiled and called off her pokemon.
The criminal girl gave Jenny what might have been a relieved look if she wasn’t blindfolded.
“I’m giving you one more chance to confess where your accomplice is. If you do not tell me, then I will have my pokemon lick and nibble those toes of yours.” Jenny said, smiling at her shocked expression.

“N-no! Please! I’ll die!” She tried to reason with the officer.
“Tell me where she is then.” Jenny urged.
For an instant, Rachel hesitated. She was seriously considering ratting out. If she didn’t tell now, then she would definitely tell after they got her toes. She wiggled the ten digits nervously.
Then she steeled her resolve.
“Screw you.”

Jenny sighed in disappointment.
“Shame. Growlithe, Arcanine; Finish her off.” Jenny sat back on the stool.
Now that the two pokemon knew exactly what her weakspot was, they focused their efforts on her plump, cute toes. Growlithe nibbling them, while Arcanine licked them.
Rachel went crazy.
“NAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! PLEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHASE MEHEHEHEHEHEEHERCY!” The criminal girl thrashed and bucked violently in the stocks.
She was in hell. Her most ticklish spot was being exploited expertly on both feet at the same time. Worse, she realized that as time dragged on, the saliva was softening her feet, making them more ticklish.
“PLEHEHEHEHEASE! IHIHIHIHI’LL TEHEHEHEHELL! IHIHIHIHI’LL TEHEHEHELL!” Rachel submitted, being unable to cope with the sensations any longer.

Officer Jenny smiled as she got the location of their safehouse.
Soon the girl was captured and now she shares a cell with her accomplice.
As Jenny watched her two loyal pokemon eating their pokeblocks, she smiled to herself.
“They earned it. Maybe I should give them another serving.” She thought.
She looked at the pokemon, then down at her shoe'd feet. She smiled.
"Hey you two." She said, addressing the two pokemon.
The two canine pokemon perked up and looked back at Jenny, wagging their tail happily. They saw her bare soles pointed at them, bare toes wiggling.
"Wanna go round two?"

The happy expression on the pokemon's face said it all.
This was a request from "iconticklinglicker: who wanted Arcanine and Growlithe to lick Officer Jenny's bare feet...yet enjoy it.
Then he wanted a criminal girl to experience the same situation, just hate it.

I hope I did a good job, this was waaaaay overdue. I still hope you like it buddy!
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:clap: Awesome story.
HyperEidos Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Jake!
You're welcome. ^.^
Very cute story bud!
HyperEidos Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why thank you sir!
Why you're welcome sir!
Jenny sure had a good time with her pokemons. I'm liking it very much. :D

Especially since there's a combination and tickling and licking. ^^
HyperEidos Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I'm not good with Pokemon since I lost interest in it. It was fun to write it though :3

Sorry dor the late responses..I'm not good with talking to new people X3
I wouldn't be familiar with pokemon, unless it's Pikachu. ^^

And it's cool. I'd not be good with it either if I was in your shoes.
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