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RWBY Sisters Ticklish Night

Ruby had an exciting dream her first night at Beacon. She dreamed of a fierce battle against dark, wolf-like creatures. She readied Crescent Rose and charged to meet the fearsome foes in battle within the snowy field. A wolf lunged at her, but she was prepared. She readied Crescent Rose to slince the lunging wolf. To her, everything was in slow motion. Just as she was about to pull Crescent Rose’s trigger to propel the razor sharp blade in a decapitating strike:

She flinched and giggled.

The moment’s distraction was enough for the wolf to land on her, pushing her to the ground. Ruby fell, her head hitting the soft snowy ground, the breath leaving her dream-body. She looked up at the snarling-shadow wolf. She gulped, and feared for the worst, she closed her eyes as the wolf’s head drew closer and then:

“Wake up little sister!”

Ruby opened her eyes to the smiling face of her big sister Yang Xiao Long, still in her pajamas. Ruby groaned quietly when she realized everyone else was still asleep.
“What time is it Yang?” Ruby asked quietly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her big sister rubbed the back of her head bashfully.  
“Uhhhhhhh, early.” Yang replied meekly.
It was then that Ruby noticed Yang was on top of her.
“Did you jump on me Yang?” Ruby asked, crossing her arms.
“Maaaaaaaybe.” Yang rubbed the back of her head again.
“Grrrrrrrrr. Yang why did you wake me up!” Ruby exclaimed quietly, fearing she would wake everyone and make a fiasco of herself. Yang’s nervous smile became more mischievous.

“I was just wondering if my baby sister would like to laugh a little.” The blonde brawler grinned at her little sister with a knowing smile. Ruby knew immediately what that mean.
“Not here, we’ll wake everyone up.”  She whispered, suddenly wide awake. Yang patted her little sister on the head.
“Not to worry baby sister, I went scouting after you went to sleep. There’s an abandoned soundproofed room with a working lock, well away from the teacher’s sleeping quarters, and the ballroom.” Yang patted her own chest victoriously.
“Well, wanna go little sister?” She asked.
“Sure, if you get off of me.” Ruby replied, referring to the fact that Yang has neglected to get off her younger sister.
“Oh, right.” Yang carefully climbed off Ruby, and helped her up. They both put on slippers and began tiptoeing around the sleeping students.
“You remember where the room is?” Ruby whispered to her sister as they tiptoed around people.
“Yeah, just follow me.” Yang whispered back, carefully maneuvering around a snoring girl.

The two sisters made their way out of the ballroom. The teachers decided to sleep themselves after checking to see that all the students were asleep, so Ruby and Yang did not have to worry about patrols. They started walking normally, but kept their voices quiet.
“Sooooo, what makes you think I’m still you-know-what?” Ruby asked curiously.
“For all you know, that year in Signal might have toughened me up.” Ruby added, crossing her arms confidently.
“Actually, I ‘tested’ you before you woke up.” Yang threw her arm around the shorter pajama clad girl.
Ruby remembered that weird feeling that caused her to flinch and giggle. In retrospect, it felt like it emerged from her feet.
It felt like tickling.

“Dearest sister, did you tickle my feet while I was sleeping?” Ruby turned to her golden-haired sister and looked at her accusingly.
“Yeeeeeeeeees.” Yang did not look embarrassed this time. After all, tickling was a common hobby between the two growing up. This wasn’t the first time Yang had tickled her sisters feet while she was sleeping.
“I had to make sure you were still ticklish.” Yang shrugged.
“Satisfactory?” Ruby asked.
“Yep, still the same ticklish feet I remember.” Yang teased the younger silver-eyed girl.

Ruby blushed. She knew that her feet were still ticklish. Her friends back at Signal had seen to that. She shivered as she recalled the soft fingers fluttering under her immobile feet eliciting bubbly giggles from her. She never objected though, she liked being tickled. She liked it even more when she couldn’t get away. When Yang said the code (asking if she would like to laugh) Ruby knew that she intended to tie her down, and make it a long session.
The thought made Ruby smile.

“Ok sis, here we are!” Yang exclaimed, gesturing to a door titled; Escape Class.
“Escape Class? What is that?” Ruby put her hands on her hips and looked at the two words on the door suspiciously. Yang grabbed the door handle and gave it a twist. It was unlocked.
“Behold! The ultimate tickle room!” Yang opened the door with a flourish. Ruby stepped inside and her mouth dropped open in shock.  

The room was a pretty large classroom; it had a few rows of desks on one side a blackboard on the opposite wall with a larger desk in front of it; Obviously the teacher’s. However, on the left wall of the classroom, there were about 8 strange looking chairs. On the opposite wall, there was a large assortment of various ropes and other tools of bondage and entrapment. Ruby looked around the room nervously.
“W-what is this place?” She asked her sister.
“Escape Class! This is where we go to learn how to escape from being tied down by rope and getting out of similar sketchy situations.” Yang told her as if it were obvious.

“Eh, what?” Ruby had a blank look on her face.
“Didn’t you take Escape Class at Signal?” Yang asked her. She grabbed one of the strange chairs and put it in front of the teacher’s desk.
“Nooooo. I don’t really have a ‘get caught’ mentality.” Ruby said with pride.
“Mentality or not, it helps to be prepared.” Yang said, popping out a footrest from the chair.
Ruby seemed to notice for the first time what Yang was doing.
“What are you doing with that thing?” She asked, already knowing her sister’s intentions
“Well since you don’t have any experience in the art of escape, I will take it upon myself to help you.” Yang patted the seat of the chair.
“Well go on, take a seat.” She smiled coyly.

Ruby smiled.
“Well if my dear sister is willing to help me, why should I say no?” Ruby walked over to the chair and kicked back in the chair, laying her arms on the armrests, and putting her slipper clad feet on the footrest.
“Ok, lesson number one!” Yang pressed a button on the back of the chair, making metal bands lock around Ruby’s wrists, waist, and ankles.
Ruby, taken slightly by surprise at the pure helplessness of her situation begins to squirm a little in her bonds.

“Comfortable?” Yang asked, genuinely concerned for Ruby’s comfort. She didn’t want the locks to cut into Ruby’s wrists and ankles
“Grr. Yeah, the locks are padded. Nnnnnrgh. Man these are really tough.” Ruby continued to squirm in the locks.
“Well yeah, that’s kinds why I picked this place. Can’t have my adoooooorable baby sister squirming away from her lesson can we?” Yang replied with a mischievous grin. Ruby looked up from her helpless position questioningly.

“An advanced lesson 1 don’t you think sis?” Ruby asked sarcastically. She had no experience in escapology, and a person of her… tininess couldn’t use brute strength to break free of the thick iron shackles that held her to the chair especially if Yang was going to ‘distract’ her. She wasn’t going anywhere without Yang’s help and Yang was going to draw it out as long as possible.
And she was really looking forward to it.

Ruby gave her wrist cuffs one more tug, then slumped back in the chair then looked up at her sister defeated.
“Soooooo, any tips teach?” Ruby asked, as Yang pulled up a normal chair have a pretty good idea what Yang would say.
‘Called it’ She thought to herself.
“I’m going to leave it to you to figure it out.”
Yang made her way to the foot of the chair.
“After all, I have something much more fun to do.” Yang grabbed the toe of Ruby’s rose patterned slipper and lightly slipped it off her right foot.

“You’re mean.” Ruby proclaimed. She pouted playfully.
“Oh come on Ruby, you know you’ll looooove the distraction.” Yang teased as she slipped off Ruby’s other slipper, watching both pairs of pale bare feet flex nervously.  
Yang smiled evilly, and dragged a finger up Ruby’s tiny foot.

“Eeeeeep!” Ruby squealed and curled her toes in defense.
“Yep, just as ticklish as ever.” Yang fluttered her fingers gently against Ruby’s soft soles, eliciting childish giggles from her little sisters.
“Tehehehehe yehehehea. Myhahahah f-friehehends took advahahahahantage of thahahahat.” Ruby managed to say while giggling madly.
“Oh, so you were a tickle target huh?” Yang asked while her eyes were focused on Ruby’s twitching soles.
“Yehehehea. Ohohoho gohohohod it tihihihickles!” Ruby giggled, squirming against the unbearable sensations shooting up her legs.

Yang giggled.
“Well yeeeah, that’s kinda the point Ruby.” Yang moved her hands to Ruby’s arches and started scratching them lightly. Ruby’s arches were more ticklish than her soles. So when Yang’s fingers touched upon the tender area Ruby’s giggles turned to laughter.
“Nohohohoho! Nahahahahat theheheheheher!!” Ruby laughed and curled her toes tightly to try to defend herself in vain from Yang’s devious fingers. Yang smiled as Ruby’s escape attempts became more desperate.

“Such ticklish little feet. And they’re alllllll mine.” Yang teased, fluttering her fingers all over Ruby’s foot.
“Hahahahahahaha dohohohohon’t tehehehehehehease!” Ruby shivered from Yang’s teasing. Yang knew that Ruby was more sensitive to tickling when she teased.
“They’re so sooooft. Softer than mine, I’m a little jealous!” Yang pouted.
“T-thahhahahahahahahahanks. Ihihihihihhi trihihihihih to tahahahke cahahahre pf thehehehehehehem.”
“How do you do it?” Yang asked, not slowing down her tickling.
“Ihihihihihihi t-trihihihihihihihihihi Eeeeek! No! Heheheheheheheheh ahahahahah! Plehehehease slohohohoho dohohohohown ahahahaha!” Ruby words dissolved into bubbly laughter. To her surprise, Yang moved down to Ruby’s less ticklish heels and gently tormented them with her fluttering fingers.

“Go on.” Yang told the little black/red haired girl, ease up for a bit.
“Phew thahahnks. So I juhust wash them p-pretty wehehell, ahahand I use loho-EEEK NOHOHO!” Ruby squealed loudly and jerked her feet violently when Yang dragged a finger across Ruby’s relaxed and ultra-sensitive toes, which scrunched in defense again. When Ruby’s toes scrunched up, Yang dropped her fingers back to Ruby’s heels, causing the toes to flex as if nothing ever happened.

“What’s up Ruby?” Yang asked innocently.
“Ahahare you serious Yahahang?” Ruby asked her sister.
“What’s wrong Ruby? Are you OK?” Yang asked with a mock concerned expression.
“You lihihitle snehehHEHEHEHEEEK NO STAHAHAHAP!” Ruby started thrashing around and letting wild laughter pour out as Yang started tickling Ruby’s toes again in earnest.

“Awwww wittle Ruby has tickwish toesies.” Yang teased as she stroked her fingers against Ruby’s hyper-sensitive toes. She was pleased to see that Ruby’s toes were still absolute torture for the tiny girl. To her annoyance however, Ruby’s toes had clenched again, making it hard for Yang to tickle the tiny digits.
“Grrr, c’mon Ruby, open those toes up.” Yang tugged at Ruby’s toes gently to try to encourage Ruby to unclench the tight digits. Ruby had her eyes clenched shut, and her teeth gnashed together in concentration. She liked being tickled, but once someone started tickling her, she wouldn’t make it easy for that person.

“C’mon, don’t make me force you.” Yang teased, moving her hands down to Ruby’s soft heels. A few years ago, while tickling Ruby’s feet she learned quite an interesting trick. In Ruby’s case, tickling her heels made her toes flex and uncurl reflexively. Whenever Yang made Ruby’s toes her targets, she usually ended up having to utilize this technique to keep Ruby from stopping her fun. Like right now.

Yang quickly started spider tickling Ruby’s heels.
“Nmmph teeheheheh nohohoho fahahair. Nohohoho!” Ruby tried to keep her toes clenched. Yang started tickling faster. Ruby could feel the urge to unclench her toes becoming stronger.
“C’mon Ruby, just a little more.” Yang tickled her little sisters heels a little harder.
“Nnnnnnnnohohoho!” Ruby cried out, frustrated as her toes uncurled.
Yang smiled as Ruby’s toes uncurled. The cheerful golden-haired girl swiftly dug her fingers in-between Ruby’s toes.

Ruby’s silver eyes popped open when she felt Yang’s nails titillating the tender, sensitive skin between her toes. She
Ruby bucked and twisted around in the chair. She tried to curl her toes again, but only managed to trap Yang’s fingers between her locked toes, causing them to tickle her even more. Ruby tried desperately to pull her tormented tootsies away from Yang’s expert fingers, but the padded locks prevented her from escaping.
Her torment continued on for another 2 minutes before Yang decided to have mercy on her little sister. She withdrew her fingers completely.

Ruby slumped back in her ergonomic prison and tried to catch her breath from the extreme tickling on her toes.
“Yang, *huff huff* you are so *huff huff* DEAD.” Ruby said weakly, glaring at her sister through her tears of ticklishness. Yang chuckled in response, ruffling Ruby’s hair playfully.
“Oh you know you loved it Ruby.” Yang said to her little sister. Ruby looked up at her sister, grinning in agreement.
“It was *huff* fun, but *huff* crazy! I thought I was gonna die!” Ruby exclaimed, with a big smile on her face. Yang giggled and walked back down to her little sister’s feet and gently grabbed the tender feet in front of her.

“Awwww, *huff* do you really have to start *huff* already? Can’t I rest *huff* a little longer?” Ruby wiggles her toes in anticipation.
“Don’t worry baby sister, just relax.” Yang began gently rubbing Ruby’s soft feet. Ruby was about to say something, but as soon as Yang started massaging, she just slumped back in the chair, closing her eyes in relaxation.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Okaaaay mmmmmmmmm.” Ruby blushed as Yang continued massaging.

It was this part that was her favorite of every session. The massage. Yang would like to rub her little sister’s feet, and she’s done it so many times that she knows all of Ruby’s sweet spots by heart. One was the balls of her feet, which would make Ruby blush. Another was the middle of her arch, which would make Ruby squirm with relaxation and a very light tickling. The last one was the most sensitive part of her feet. Her tiny, bubbly toes. When Yang would massage them, Ruby would go limp, and moan in delight. When they were little kids, Ruby would often fall asleep as soon as Yang started massaging her toes.

“You want me to get some water for you?” Yang asked her.
“Mmmmmm yeeeah. Hmmmmmmmm you have some?” Ruby moaned in delight as Yang rubbed the balls of her feet.
“Back in the ballroom yeah. You cool if I just leave you here for a bit?” Yang moved up to her toes and began to knead them gently, relaxing Ruby even more.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Yeahhhhhhhh I’m coooooool.” Ruby moaned in delight.

“K, I’ll be right back.” Yang gave her sisters feet one more affectionate squeeze before walking out of the room.
Ruby watched Yang walk out and carefully shut the door. Ruby slumped back in her chair staring at her bare feet. She flexed her feet, remembering the torture they suffered a few minutes ago. It was intense sure, but it was fun at the same time. She knew that Yang wasn’t done yet, and that she would be here for a while.

Unknown to Ruby, it would be another 5 hours until everyone else would wake up. Sleep. That was at the forefront of her mind. Thinking about everyone else, warm and snug in their beds, made her feel sleepy. The room was warm, and her chair was actually a bit cozy. Her silver eyes drooped, and eventually drifted shut.

Yang opened the door, carrying a small bag with a promised bottle of water, and one other…tool. Just when she opened the door, she realized Ruby had fallen asleep in the chair. A small smile on her face told Yang that she was having a pleasant dream.
It also made her look absolutely adorable.
“Awwww, she looks so cute!” Yang squealed quietly to herself.
She walked up to Ruby’s unconscious form, and knelt down at her feet, which had turned a light pink from Yang’s tickling. They were shifting around slightly in their bondage, curling and uncurling cutely. With one hand she held her little sister’s toes back. She poised her fingers in front of the tender soles.
“It makes me want to tickle!”
Her fingers moved closer….

Meanwhile in dream land…

“And if I do this, all the weapons are mine right?” Ruby asked Sierra Violet, the weapons maker who offered Ruby 50 custom made weapons, in exchange for 10 minutes of foot tickling. To which Ruby readily agreed. Sierra was a beautiful young woman of 19 years with blonde hair streaked with purple. She was dressed in a violet blouse, matching boots, and navy blue jeans.
“Of course.” Sierra said to the restrained weapon-loving girl.
She had tied Ruby to a reclined chair, in her classic outfit, just without her boots. Her long, skintight pants, which resembled stockings ended at her ankles, leaving Ruby’s feet bare and vulnerable. Her wrists were tied to the armrests, and her ankles were tied down to the foot of the chair.

Sierra knelt down next to Ruby’s feet.
“My, such lovely feet you have.” The woman teased, stroking a finger down the girl’s tiny foot.
“Eeeeep. That tickled.” Ruby told the woman, giggling. She couldn’t have asked for a better challenge for the weapons. Ten minutes of tickling, this was gonna be great.
“I’m sure it did. Ready for more?” Sierra asked the bubbly girl.
“Bring it on!” Ruby braced herself for more tickling.

“Oh I will little sister.” In the real world, Yang responded to Ruby’s sleepy murmurs.
“Are you having a tickle dream? Well that just works out.” Yang smiled at her fortune.
She began tracing her finger up and down Ruby’s tender foot. Ruby squirmed a little in her sleep, giggling as she did so.
“hehehehe thahat all you gohohot?” Ruby murmured through her giggles as her very ticklish arch was very lightly titillated.
“Not even close.” Yang muttered quietly. She added three more fingers, now lightly fluttering against the sole of Ruby’s foot.
“Heheheh ohohohokay thahahahat reheheheheally tihihihickles.” Ruby squirmed around in her bondage some more. Yang just smiled at Ruby’s squirming. She continued to run her fingers all across the ticklish pink flesh.

In real life, it had been about thirty seconds, in Ruby’s dream; it was 5 minutes of slow, teasing tickles.
“Teeheehee! Ohohoho gohohod it tihihickles!” Ruby writhed in the chair, enjoying the slow tickles on her feet.
“Does little Ruby like being tickled?” Sierra teased, running her fingers all over the soft, tender flesh.
“Yehehehehehes.” Ruby admitted, her giggling getting more intense as Sierra sped up.
“Oh she does? Well we only have 5 minutes left.” Sierra told the laughing girl.
“Thahahahats fihihihihine.” Ruby squirmed around, laughing easily at the bearable foot tickling.
“I don’t know. I’ve saved the last half of our little session for the sole purpose of driving you insane.” Sierra said before pulling out a broad, stiff bristled hair-brush.

“Oh no! Not the brush! I’ll die!” Ruby exclaimed, curling her toes tight with dread.
“Oh, so you finally curl your toes, but only when I threaten to tickle you.” Sierra observed, stroking a finger up and down Ruby’s arch.
Ruby blinked, realizing she was right. Not once had Ruby clenched her toes while she was tickled. She had no idea why. She wasn’t even clenching them now, as Sierra teased the soft flesh
“Whahahahts goihihihihing ohohohon.” Ruby giggled as her feet were teased.
“Don’t know, don’t care.” Sierra said right before she attacked Ruby’s foot with the brush.

The shock was too much for Ruby, she woke up immediately, only to find Yang holding her toes back (“so that’s why I couldn’t curl them.”) scrubbing her feet with a hairbrush.
Ruby didn’t have time to say anything, only scream with laughter.
Ruby thrashed harder than ever before, wildly tugging at the metal locks, rocking the chair in the process. When that didn’t work, she tried curling her toes in defense, but Yang already had them pulled back so she was incapable of curling them.

“Wow Ruby, I was wondering how long I could tickle your feet with a hairbrush before you wake up, but I had no idea that it would take half a second!” Yang said, switching to Ruby’s other foot and began pleasantly brushing that foot.  
Ruby didn’t respond with anything but hysterical laughter.

Instead of stopping, Yang brought the brush up to Ruby’s toes and kept brushing.
“Sorry baby sister, but we aren’t done yet.” Yang said, focusing on tickling the girl’s tiny toes.
Ruby laughed and thrashed harder than ever. The tickling sensations were just too much for her to stand. Yang had her toes in a tight hold, so she couldn’t pull away. It was maddening!
“Hang in there Ruby, we’re almost done.” Yang reassured her sister.
Ruby yelled through her hysterical laughter.

After 5 minutes of severe foot brushing, Ruby’s laughter went silent. Yang took this as a sign to take it easy.
Ruby sighed with relief when Yang put the brush away.
“Sorry Ruby, you ok?” Yang asked, stroking her sister’s red streaked hair affectionately.
Ruby smiled at the soft feeling, while trying to catch her breath.
“Y-yeah *huff huff huff* did you *huff huff* get the water?” Ruby asked, her throat dry.
“Yeah, I got it right here.” Yang pulled out the bottle of water that she had.
She uncapped the bottle and offered it to Ruby. The silver eyed girl gulped the water down eagerly, enjoying the cool refreshment.
“*gulp gulp* Ahhhhh thanks Yang. So are we done?” Ruby smiled at her older sister.
“Close. Just one more massage then you’re done.” Yang put the water bottle back in her bag before kneeling back in front of Ruby’s feet.

Yang started gently rubbing Ruby’s right foot, soothing the tired girl.
“*Sigh* this makes it worth it.” Ruby slumped back into the chair, her smile getting bigger.
“Even the brush?” Yang asked.
“Even the brush.” Ruby confirmed.
Yang massaged Ruby’s soles gently, trying not to titillate the hyper-sensitive flesh. She noticed that Ruby’s feet were a bright red now from the brush. She swapped to the other foot.
“Geez, I really pushed her over the edge.” Yang thought to herself. She was a little nervous that she went way too far, and prevented Ruby from having fun.

“Hey sis?” Yang moved up to Ruby’s toes and gently rubbed them.
“Mmmmmmm yeah Yang?” Ruby’s eyes were almost closed. She was really enjoying this.
“You did have fun right? Even with the brush?” Yang asked nervously.
“Ahhhhh. Yeah Yang, or course I did! We’ve been sister way to long for 7 minutes of brush tickling to get to me.” Ruby said, reassuring her sister. Yang smiled, reassured and returned her attentions to the massage.

“This was a bit shorter than what I expected.” Ruby murmured.
“I was gonna go longer, but you were asleep so I decided to rush it. Don’t worry though, I’ll get you again soon.” Yang winked.
“Ahhhhhhh I don’t care. Can you at least let me go?” Ruby replied, tugging at her wrists lightly.
“But the lesson isn’t over yet.” Yang said teasingly.
“Seriously Yang?” Ruby looked at her sister a bit annoyed.
“Fine.” Yang walked to the back of the chair and pressed the button which released Ruby from the chair.

Ruby rubbed her wrists, glad that there were no marks on her delicate wrists.
“Phew, how are there no marks on my wrists?” Ruby asked herself aloud.
“I don’t know. Here’s your grade by the way.” Yang walked back into Ruby’s view and passed her a folded piece of paper before resuming Ruby’s massage. Ruby un-folded the paper and was greeted by the sight of a big F- in the middle of the paper.
“Oh Ha-ha!” Ruby crumpled the paper and threw it at Yang’s head.
“Hey!” Yang cried out indignantly. She drew a finger up Ruby’s foot warningly.
“Eeek!” Ruby squealed and pulled her feet away.
“I think that’s enough massaging for now.” Yang told her little sister.

“Yeah, maybe your right.” Ruby stood up from the chair and slipped her slippers back on.
She glanced mischievously at Yang, who was walking to the door. She darted up to her and ran her fingers along her sides.
“EEEEK! Nohoho you lihihitle!” Yang quickly turned the tables on Ruby, grabbing her wrists and pushed her away.
“Oooooh that was a big mistake little sis.” Yang told her with a big smile on her face. Ruby shrank back in fear, realizing she made a huge mistake.
Yang pounced.

Ruby found herself in the same position all over again. Yang had just taken off Ruby’s slippers, and held the toes on her left foot back.
“Y-Yang, I’m really sorry for tickling you!” Ruby tried to reason with her sister as Yang picked up the hairbrush.
“I know, but don’t worry; it’s only an extra 10 minutes with the brush.” Yang pressed the bristles against Ruby’s pink foot.
Ruby moaned helplessly, and braced herself for the most extreme 10 minutes of her life.
When the bristles started moving against her tender soles, Ruby screamed with mirthful laughter.

Even after the 10 minutes, when Ruby was soaked with sweat, and her eyes filled with tears of laughter.
She still loved every minute of it, and went to bed with a smile.
Yang decides to make Ruby laugh. How will Ruby take it?

Ruby and Yang are property of :iconmontyoum: and Roosterteeth. I'm really liking the anime so far!
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"Great. Boy finds dog, dog turns out to be a military grade killing machine."
Says Tucker
That-Paranoid-Zombie Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"That was the worst throw ever....of all time.""Not my fault, there was a wall in my way."
HyperEidos Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"That was the second worst throw ever...of all time." "What do you want from me? I ran track in high school."
That-Paranoid-Zombie Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Woah....smacked the black right off him.""Thats racist."
SSJ3Adean Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Writer
Woooooooooah *ding ding ding* That is racist man!
SSJ3Adean Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Writer
Woooooooooah *ding ding ding* That is racist man! No, I disagree! 
HyperEidos Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Red vs Blue is the best.
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Rextimina Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
cute, would be funny if weiss or someone saw
HyperEidos Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That would be funny. This is gonna be a series though, so there will be plenty of walk-in scenario opportunities.
Rextimina Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
yeah, do you like RubyxWeiss
HyperEidos Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The romantic pairing of Ruby and Weiss? Never gave it any thought but it does sound perfect.
Rextimina Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
yeah it is perfect
HyperEidos Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe I'll include that element in a later story.
Rextimina Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
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(Meanwhile in my Journal) lol
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