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September 18, 2013
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(WARNING Contains scenes of foot licking, tickling etc. If you don't have a foot or tickle fetish then don't bother reading)

Oh finally! A place we can take a break!” Weiss exclaimed as she caught sight of a clearing with a river. She sat down on the edge of the river, resting her aching legs and feet.
Ruby sat next to her and enjoyed the break as well.
“Ohhhh, it feels so good to take a break!” Ruby exclaimed happily.
“Ruby, we’re taking a break, could you not shout it out to the world?” Weiss replied in an irked way.
Ruby winced.
“Geez sorry Weiss, I’ll be quiet.” Ruby said quietly.
“That’s all I’m asking.”

Ruby shrugged and started running her fingers through the water.
“The water feels nice, you wanna soak your feet for a bit?” Ruby asked her.
Weiss froze.
“Uhhh, well ummm.” She hesitated, her toes curled in her boots.
“Aww c’mon, just for a while. Aren’t your feet aching from all that walking?” Ruby tried to persuade Weiss as she was taking off her own boots.
Weiss’ face was getting warm as she tried no to stare as Ruby took her boots off. When they did though, her heart skipped a beat.
They were the most adorable feet ever! Pale, a size 5.5 with cute little toes that wiggled when they escaped the confines of their boots. Her face grew hotter as she admired the cute feet, imagining how soft they’d feel under her fingers and even, to her blushing embarrassment, how they’d taste under her eager tongue.

Weiss had a secret. Something she had told no one.
Weiss had a huge fetish for girl’s feet.
It was a secret that she had kept from everyone for years. She usually had very good control over it, but she slipped occasionally.
When she was 15, she ordered her female maids to go around her room barefoot at all times. Her excuse for that order was that she didn’t want shoes to dirty the carpet of her large room. They obeyed this without question. She would always try to get a good look at the soles of the young maids’ feet. They occasionally asked why Weiss would crane her head and stare at the ground when they were nearby. She always had some stupid excuse, and they would buy it.
Except one girl.

“Weiss? Are you ok? Why are you staring at my feet?” Ruby said in a concerned tone. She tapped at Weiss’ paralyzed head. The white haired girl snapped out of it.
“W-wha- what were we talking about?” She blurted as she honestly forgot their previous conversation.
At first Ruby was very scared for Weiss. What just happened to the cold, mean girl?
But then it hit her.
Ruby’s sister Yang had a huge tickle fetish, and a small foot fetish. Whenever Ruby went barefoot, the golden haired girl would always sneak quick looks at her feet, sometimes just become completely unaware of anything but her little sister’s feet.
Just like Weiss.
Ruby smiled devilishly.

“Like what you see Weiss?” She teased, wiggling her toes.
Weiss’ heart stopped. She started panicking a little bit.
“W-what are you talking about? Stop a-acting weird.” She stuttered. She tried looking anywhere other than Ruby’s feet or teasing face.
“Oh, come on Weiss, I know a foot fetish when I see one.” She continued, dipping her feet into the water, moaning with delight from the cool water easing her feet.
“Mmmmm, it feels so good.” She murmured with delight.
That comment brought Weiss back into a flashback.

15 year old Weiss found herself sitting cross-legged on her bed staring at the lovely soles of the 15 year old maid Cailin Carnation, who was also sitting on the bed in front of her. Weiss’ parents were out of the house and her door was locked.
“You look so cute when you space out.” The raven-haired maid girl teased as she wiggled her toes teasingly.
“Sh-shut up. J-just give me a minute.” Weiss muttered, she continued staring into the flawless size 7 soles. She was so tempted to touch them, to run her fingers along the silky smooth skin of her soles.
Cailin seemed to catch on.
“Do you want to touch them Mrs. Schnee?” She cooed, letting her feet rest next to Weiss.

Weiss was speechless.
“A-are you sure C-Cailin?” She asked, a little hesitant. Her hands however, reached out slightly.
“Of course, I don’t mind at all.” She wiggled her toes invitingly.
Weiss smiled fondly, and repositioned herself so she could put Cailin’s feet on her lap.
Still hesitant, she started running her fingers along the amazingly smooth soles.
Cailin flinched and drew her feet back a little. Weiss was afraid she did something wrong.
“I-I’m sorry!” She blurted out, not knowing what she did wrong. Cailin giggled.
“You’re fine Mrs. Schnee. You just tickled me a little bit.” She admitted, blushing a bit.
Weiss smiled devilishly.
“I’ll keep that in mind Cailin.” She started rubbing the maid girl’s feet as she moaned in relaxation.
“Mmmmmm, how long until your mmm parents get back?” She asked, blushing from the massage.
“Four hours. We’re going to have a lot of fun Cailin. A lot of fun.” She promised as she continued rubbing the soft feet.

Ruby sighed as Weiss zoned out again. She tried tapping her head, but that didn’t work. Ruby looked down at Weiss’s shuffling, booted feet. She got an evil idea.
Ruby gently reached down and started carefully unbuckling the white, high heeled boots. When the boots were properly loosened, she carefully pulled them off, careful not to disturb the daydreaming girl.
Ruby managed to pull her first boot off, and her breath caught in her throat.
Weiss’s feet were beautiful!
Her foot was a size 7, slightly bigger than her own, very pale, evidence that she does not go barefoot often. Her toes were short, yet slender and painted a very light blue color, complimenting her color scheme.
Despite being in her boots for such a long time, they were not sweaty at all, and had no pungent odor, instead letting off a faint vanilla smell.

“Wow.” Ruby said under her breath as she pulled her other boot off. If Yang ever got her eyes on these feet, she’d go crazy. Now only one question remained.
“Are they ticklish?” Ruby asked herself.
She gently gripped one ankle and dragged a finger up the pale sole.
Weiss’ blank, sleepy expression never left her face, but her toes curled from the tickly sensation, which Ruby found adorable.
“Aww that’s so cute.” Ruby squealed slightly. She repeated the action, but with three fingers.
Weiss’ foot flinched and tried to jerk away, but Ruby kept it still. She kept dragging her fingers along the helpless sole.
Weiss was starting to snap out of it. Her lips twitched into a smile, her foot tried to pull away from the tickling fingers, and she started to giggle slightly.
“Hehe, heheheh.” She giggled cutely.
“C’mon Weissy, almost there.” She started scratching her foot with all her fingers.
“Hehe. Hehehehehe whahahahat? R-RUHUHUHUBY!?” She cried out when she realized who was tickling her. She pulled her foot away and glared at the red haired girl.

“I’m going to give you 5 seconds to explain why you were tickling my feet!”  She said angrily, drawing Myrtenaster. Ruby drew back fearfully.
“W-w-wait! You zoned out and I couldn’t wake you up so I decided to tickle you to wake you up!” She said very quickly.
Weiss faltered.
“I-I what?” She suddenly remembered her flashback.
“O-oh. I-I’m sorry.” She said meekly, sheathing her rapier.
“Weiss? Do you have a foot fetish?” Ruby asked carefully.
Weiss shot a glare at Ruby.
“No! Of course not! Why would you even think I would be into something so-so…” She couldn’t find the right word.

“Weiss, my sister has a small foot fetish, so I know one when I see it. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” Ruby said sincerely. Weiss was adamant.
“I. Don’t. Have. A. FETISH!” She almost screamed, stamping her barefoot in frustration.
“So, if I dooo this-” She got closer and ran her foot over Weiss’
“It wouldn’t bother you?” She teased.
Weiss was caught completely off guard. She was captivated by the sensation of Ruby’s soft foot running along the top of her foot.
“S-stop that!” She said, yet made no move to stop her.
“Admit it Weiss, you have a thing for feet.” She teased, as she continued to run her foot along Weiss’.
“N-n-no ohhhh it feels so good!” Weiss moaned as Ruby continued her gentle game of footsie.
“Weiss, just admit it. I know you like this.” Ruby teased as she wiggled her toes on top of Weiss’ foot.

“Grrrr fine! I-I have a f-foot fetish.” She admitted, a little relieved when Ruby stopped playing footsie with her.
“I knew it!” Ruby said victoriously, before Weiss grabbed her by the collar.
“If you tell ANYONE! I will skewer you like a shish-kebab!” She threatened. Ruby held up her hands in a gesture of peace.
“I promise I won’t.” She sighed in relief when Weiss released her.
“Sooooo, how often do you play with people’s feet?” She asked nervously. Weiss shot her a death glare before deciding to answer her question.
“*sigh* Not often. I have a…friend who lets me play with her feet during the summer, but she was the only one.” She said bitterly as she sat back down on the rock.
“I see.” Ruby joined her on the rock, dipping her feet back into the river.
After a moment of awkward silence, Ruby decided to bring up a proposition.
“You wanna play with mine for a bit?” She asked, curling her toes in the water.
Weiss turned red again.
“N-n-no!” She said “Yes!” She thought.
“Weiss, I seriously don’t mind, and I know you want to play with them.” She pulled her feet out of the river, and wiped them on her cloak, effectively drying them.
“W-well, i-if you’re o-o-o-ok with it.” She stuttered before squealing in surprise when Ruby’s feet plopped themselves on her lap.
“Have fun Weiss!” She exclaimed cheerfully, wiggling her toes to tease her.

“I-I-…thanks….” She said meekly as she hesitantly started rubbing Ruby’s feet.
“Mmmmm, that feels good Weiss.” She moaned. She flexed her toes in delight.
“S-so soft.” Weiss said under her breath. She licked her lips subconsciously.
Ruby closed her eyes and enjoyed Weiss’ cool hands tenderly massaging her feet.
“Don’t stop Weiss.” She sighed as she reclined on the rock.
“I don’t want too.” She almost whispered.
She rubbed Ruby’s desirable soles, loving the feel of the size 6 feet. She wished that she could play with them forever. She wished she could go full out on Ruby’s feet, but she just couldn’t muster up the courage to do so. She licked her lips, wishing that she could run her tongue along the adorable feet she was tenderly treating.
Ruby sighed as Weiss moved the massage up to her toes. She melted back into the rock and sighed in relaxation as her body filled with a soothing sensation. This sensation was interrupted when Weiss accidently ran her sharp nail against her toes ticklishly.
She squealed with laughter and pulled her foot back protectively.
“Yeesh, careful I’m very ticklish!” She said playfully.
“Very ticklish huh?” She  had another flashback to her time with Cailin.

“Mmmm, are you enjoying seeing me like this Mrs. Schnee?” Cailin asked playfully as she squirmed in her hogtie.
“I am, you aren’t going anywhere Cailin.” Weiss said dominantly. Now that Cailin was in a helpless position, Weiss got some of her confident personality back.
“What are you going to do to my poor little feet?” Cailin asked with an innocently submissive face.
Weiss blushed from how adorable Cailin looked.
“Many things.” She placed her hands on the bound girl’s feet, relishing the smooth soles.
“But I’ll start with this.” She dragged a single sharp, manicured nail down the maid’s foot drawing giggles and squirming from her.
“Nohohoho not tickling!” She begged playfully.
“Yes tickling!” Weiss replied before running her fingers all around the raven-haired girl’s soles.
“Ahahahahahhaha! W-weihihhihihiihhis!” She tried saying before she was cut off by her own laughter.
“Nuh uh! No talking Cailin. Just sit there, and just laugh, laugh, laugh.” Weiss said in a sing-song voice.

“Ohohohohohhokahaahhy!” She laughed as Weiss continued to run her maddeningly sharp nails up and down her feet.
“Mmmmm, I love how you treat your feet Cailin.” Weiss said, never letting up on the tickling on her feet.
“T-thahahahnk yohohohu.” Cailin blurted through her giggling. She kept squirming in her hogtie position, even though she knew that she’d never break free. Weiss noticed her efforts.
“Oh, don’t worry Cailin. I made sure to use the strongest, softest rope I could find. You’ll never break free unless I want you too.” She teased the squirming maid girl. She started lightly tickling her toes, which drew heavier giggles.
“Ihihih knohohohhow I knohohohhow ohohohho plehehehease nohohhot the tohohohoes!” Cailin cried out desperately.
“I’ll tickle your toes if I want too.” Weiss said dominantly. To emphasize her point, she flicked her nails under Cailin’s squirming toes.

“EEEEK! Weiss that tihihihckles!” Ruby squealed in delight when Weiss lazily ran her fingers under her ticklish toes. When Weiss didn’t respond, she realized that she was in another daydream.
“Weiss? Wei- oh forget it she’s daydreaming.” She muttered to herself. Then she got an evil idea again.
“Oh Weeiiiiiis. You better wake up before the tickle monster gets you!” She said playfully, knowing that Weiss wouldn’t respond. She carefully took her feet off of Weiss’ lap. She looked around until she she saw what she was looking for. She ran over to a tree and quickly pulled down some vines. She ran back to Weiss and carefully bound her wrists behind her back and her ankles together.
She barely stirred.

“Hmmm. You aren’t getting away this time Mrs. Heiress!” Ruby admired her work as she sat down next to Weiss again.
She couldn’t help but notice just how cute Weiss looked when she was daydreaming. Her head was tilted upwards looking at the sky with half open eyes. She was slumped against the rock as if she were about to fall asleep, and she made cute sleepy murmurs under her breath that Ruby couldn’t make out.
“Awwww, you look so cute like that Weiss.” Ruby squealed under her breath. Then she remembered what she was doing in the first place.
She picked up Weiss’s bound feet and plopped them on her lap. She noticed that they were a little dirty so she got some water from the river and used that to wash the dirt off her soles. Soon they were nice and clean.
“Here comes the tickle monster!” She teased as she fluttered her fingers against Weiss’ soft heels.

The white-haired heiress immediately started squirming against her botanic bondage, giggling as she did so. It took her no time at all to snap out of her daydream.
“Hehehe, whhahahaha-R-Ruhuhuhuhuby! Whahahah-I’hihihihihihim tihihihihied uhuhuhuhup!” She said in realization. She started thrashing harder against the vines to no avail.
“Whahahahahaht kihihihihihnd of vihihihihnes ahahahare thehehehehse?” She blurted through her giggles. Ruby shrugged as she stroked Weiss’ soles.
“I don’t know. Tough ones I guess.” She said absentmindedly. She was way too involved in the task at hand. After being tickled by her older sister for the last 15 years of her life, it was a great thrill to finally tie up and tickle someone else. She could see why Yang enjoyed it so much.
“Ruhuhuhuhby stahahahhahaap!” Weiss pleaded through her laughter as she continued to try to break free from the vines that held her surprisingly helpless.

“Nope.” She replied. She started scratching Weiss’ soles, eliciting more laughter from the usually cold, bossy heiress. It was cute actually. Weiss’ laughter had an innocent, girlish ring to it, similar to Ruby’s. It almost didn’t suit the girl’s character. This didn’t bother Ruby as she continued her tender torment on the milky white soles of her partner.
She tried all of her own sweet spots on Weiss’ feet. Her arches rewarded Ruby with wild thrashing and plentiful laughter mixed with threats.
On the other hand, her toes got a rather disappointing reaction. While toe tickling would have Ruby screaming and thrashing with mirthful laughter, it only made Weiss squirm and giggle uncomfortably.
“Heheheheeh nohohohhoho thahat tihihihhickles!” She giggled.
“Do you usually state the obvious?” She asked as explored Weiss’ feet, trying to find sweet spots.
“Shahahahat uhuhuhuhhup yohohohhou rhehehehehe-EEEEEEK!” She was cut off from Ruby scratching a definite ‘sweet spot’.

“Oh, is this your sweet spot?” She cooed as she scratched it again.
“EEEEEEK! Dohon’t!” Weiss started thrashing desperately as Ruby held her toes back to attack the tender space under her toes. Her sweet spot.
“N-n-n-now wait a m-m-minute Ruby.” She desperately tried to clench her toes in defense, only to find that Ruby held them back securely.
“Yes Weiss?” Ruby asked innocently as she started moving her wiggling fingers closer to the tender spot.
“N-no please! Ruby I-I’m sorry for being mean to you! I’m sor-REEEHEHEHE! NOHOHOHOOHO OHOHOHOHOH PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE!” Weiss screamed with laughter as her worst spot was exploited.
“Tickle tickle!” Ruby teased as she stroked the tender undersides of Weiss’s pristine toes. She actually surprised that Weiss’ most ticklish spot was under her toes. Ruby was the same, but Weiss was hardly any ticklish on her toes, so it was a little (pleasantly) surprising to Ruby that Weiss’s most ticklish spot was hidden by her least ticklish spot.
“STAHAHAHAHAHP IHIHIHIHIT RUUHUHUHUBY PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHASE! IHIHIHIHIHIM GONNAHAHAHAHAHAH DIHIHIHIHIE!” She shouted out with laughter. Ruby ignored her, she was getting really involved in tickling Weiss again.
“STAHAHAHAHAHP RUHUHUHUHUBY STAHAHAHAHAHAHP!” Weiss pleaded as she tried to pull her feet back, only to be stopped by Ruby’s strong hand.

“No.” She said absentmindedly. She felt strange touching Weiss’ feet. As she gently tickled Weiss’ toes, she felt a flutter in her stomach. Not a nauseated flutter, but an excited one. Accompanying that flutter was a strange feeling of euphoria. As Ruby continued stroking Weiss feet, she realized that she was no longer tickling Weiss, but just rubbing and feeling them.
She turned to face Weiss, who had a slight blush on her face. Ruby stuttered to say something.

“U-uhhhh. Weiss? I-I think I-” She didn’t even finish as Weiss cut her off.
“Yeah, I… kinda guessed.” Weiss replied sheepishly. She curled her toes shyly. The way Ruby zoned out while she was tickling her was reminiscent of Cailin’s description of Weiss while she indulged in her fetish. So apparently-
Ruby has a foot fetish as well.
Curiosity struck the heiress. What would it feel like to be in Cailin’s shoes? Well, not shoes but…oh just forget it.
“Ummmm. You know, you let me indulge my fetish on your feet, so…if you want to play with mine…” Weiss started to say before squealing with surprise from Ruby’s lips lightly kissing the top of her foot.
She looked as if she was about to protest, but instead just leaned back against the rock, succumbing to the nice feeling of Ruby’s warm, soft lips on her feet.
So this was how it felt.

“Hmmm. Not bad.” She sighed as Ruby started kissing the soles of her feet. She managed somehow to get comfortable against the rock, still tied securely by the surprisingly strong vines. She knew she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so she might as well get comfortable.
Ruby moved up and started kissing Weiss’ toes one at a time. Weiss sighed and flexed her toes in delight. A small smile crept onto her face. She was enjoying herself somewhat.
“Mmmmm, this is actually kind of nice.” Weiss muttered mostly to herself, but Ruby seemed to hear her. So she took it up a notch.
She gripped both of Weiss’s feet securely and brought them to her face. Her small, pink tongue emerged and started lapping at Weiss’ pale soles.
“Ohhhhhh this feeeeeels so goooooood!” She exclaimed with delight, practically melting as Ruby’s warm tongue gently explored her feet.
As Ruby licked Weiss’ soles, the heiress had another flashback.
With Cailin.

“Mmmmm. Soo nice.” Cailin squirmed pleasantly in her hogtie as Weiss kissed the soles of her feet.
Weiss said nothing as she continued to kiss the soft soles. She was completely zoned out, focusing only on the smooth, pleasant soles beneath her lips. She was in heaven, she had never been happier.
Then she licked her lips.
“Hm? Mrs. Schnee why did you st-Eeep!” She squealed in surprise as she felt something warm and wet drag its way up her foot. She instantly melted in her hogtie.
“Mmmmmm nevvvvver miiiiind.” She slurred as she melted into the sweet sensations of Weiss’ tongue exploring her feet. She giggled a little from the slight tickling sensations, but it was mostly pleasure that radiated from Weiss lapping her soles.

“Mmmm ohhhhhhhhh.” She moaned delightfully as she wiggled her toes.
Weiss subconsciously noticed Cailin’s wiggling toes and moved up to lightly lick and suck each individual toes.
“Mmmmmmmm ohhh thaaaats sooooooooo goooood.”  She moaned loudly from the feeling of Weiss’ tongue. And that’s how they were for the next hour.
As Weiss continued to lick Cailin’s wet soles, the maid girl turned her attention to the clock in the room. She panicked when she saw it read 7:30. Weiss’ parents would be home in half an hour.
“Weiss! Y-yoooooour p-parents willll be heeeere sooooon!” She squirmed harder.
Weiss snapped out of it when she heard ‘parents’.
“Oh! OH! Its 7:32!” She exclaimed. How did four hours go by so quickly?!
Weiss quickly untied Cailin which took about 10 minutes. As Cailin turned to leave Weiss’ room Weiss called her back.
“Wait! Cailin!” She walked up to the maid girl and awkwardly hugged her.
“T-thanks for…tonight.” She said just as awkwardly. She wasn’t good with physical contact or…thank yous. Cailin hugged back just as awkwardly.
“You’re most welcome Mrs. Schnee.” She said before tweaking Weiss’ sides playfully. As Weiss squirmed in her hug, giggling gleefully Cailin whispered into her ear-
“It’s your turn next time Mrs. Schnee.” She stopping tickling Weiss and drew away. Winking at the heiress, she walked out of the room collecting her shoes as she did so.
Weiss tingled with excitement.
“I hope so”

“Mmmmm, doooon’t stooooop.” She slurred, a blush bloomed on her smiling face. She wiggled her toes as Ruby’s tongue neared them.
Ruby snapped out of it long enough to comprehend Weiss’ statement.
“Hmm, I won’t.” She murmured before going back to licking Weiss’s feet.
Weiss started giggling a little bit. Ruby’s tongue tickled her feet as it explored them. It wasn’t a bad tickling though, it was actually very nice.
“Mmmmhmhmhm Ruuuuby youhohohr tiiiiihihihckling meeeeeheh.” Weiss giggled as she started squirming and pulling half-heartedly at her bonds again. She didn’t really want to get away.
Ruby didn’t respond as she licked and sucked Weiss’s toes, lost in her own world.
“Mmmmmmm, yooooou knooooow what nnnnever m-mind.” Weiss sighed as Ruby suckled her toes. Weiss’ blush got even heavier, and her smile got even wider, she was having the time of her life!
Ruby felt the same way, she wished that this moment would never end. But, she eventually snapped out of it, and drew her head back. She untied Weiss and quickly retreated several steps so she wouldn’t become a Ruby-kebab.

To her surprise though, Weiss was smiling.
“I’ll admit. That was…fun. Cailin never li- I mean well she never….did that.” She said sheepishly. Cailin did not have a foot fetish like Weiss did, but she was a vicious tickler.
“R-really? You’re not gonna kill me?” Ruby asked nervously, balancing on the balls of her bare feet in case Weiss reconsidered.
“I won’t. On one condition.” She grabbed the vines that had previously secured her. She crooked her finger at Ruby, beckoning her to come closer.
“Come here Ruby.” She said playfully. Ruby backed up nervously.
“Ehhh, you already worshipped my feet.” She said, as Weiss took a step towards her for every step Ruby took backwards.
“Oh, I’m not going to worship your feet, I’m going to…Tickle You!” She lunged at the fearful scythe-wielder.

Ruby squirmed in her hogtie as Weiss finished washing the dirt of her feet. Weiss’ own feet were hidden clean in her boots.
“There we go, nice and clean.” Weiss finished cleaning Ruby’s feet. Admiring her work, she sat on the nearby rock and placed her incredibly sharp nails on Ruby’s feet, watching them flex and curl nervously.
“W-Weiss? W-would it help if I said I was very, very sorry I tied you up and tickled you?” Ruby asked, knowing that Weiss would keep her there for a while.
“Nope. Don’t worry Ruby, we still need to find that artifact so I’ll keep you like this for maybe 5 minutes.” She started dragging her nails up and down Ruby’s feet gently.
“Eeep! Nohoho! Ihihiht tihihihckles!” She squirmed viciously. Yang’s fingers never tickled this much!

“Too bad. Oh, and since we’re partners we should be sharing the same room. I promise you that this is just a teaser compared to what I’m going to do to you throughout the entire year!” She promised as she started scratching Ruby’s soles harder and faster.
“Nohohohohho!” Ruby laughed, dreading her first year at Beacon. Weiss stopped momentarily.
“Aaaand. I suppose I could help you with your…fetish as well. I had someone who helped with mine.” She said, resuming gently scratching Ruby’s soles. Ruby was momentarily stunned. Weiss was going to let her play with her feet?
“T-thahahahahahnk yohohohu!” She said gleefully as she squirmed against the vines. They really were strong.
“Whhohohoh was theheheh peeheheherson whhohohoho’s feheheheht yohohohou plhahahahahahahyed wihihihihihith?” She asked as Weiss tickled her heels.

It was 8:00. Weiss’ parents would be gone for the rest of the night. She was dressed in her nightgown, and her hair fell loosely down her back. Cailin Carnation had tied her to a chair with her bare feet propped on a foot rest, and Cailin was securing them down with a padded rope.
“Hmmm, feet fit for an heiress.” Cailin complimented, gently kissing the pale white sole gently.
“Hmm, I thought you didn’t have a foot fetish Cailin?” Weiss asked as she tested the ropes. No give at all.
“I don’t, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have cute feet.” Cailin said, sitting on Weiss’ lap.
Weiss blushed from the closeness, and squirmed a bit.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Schnee, I don’t plan on doing anything to you...” Her hands drifted to Weiss’ sides.
“Except tickle.” She cooed as she tickled Weiss’ ribs through her nightgown.

Weiss squirmed and giggled cutely as Cailin gently tickled her ribs. She loved every second of it. Cailin was a very good tickler.
“Heheheheh nohohohoh!” Weiss pleaded playfully as she was gently tickle tortured. Cailin’s fingers dug gently into her ribs, sending waves of ticklish shocks throughout her body.
“You’re not going anywhere Mrs. Schnee. It’s just you, me and the next few hours.” Cailin cooed as she started tickling Weiss’ belly.
“Nohohohhoho! Nohohohoht the bellhhiihihihihhiy!” Weiss squirmed harder as the more ticklish spot was explored. The ropes allowed her zero freedom with her arms. She had no choice but to sit there and endure the tickling.
To her delight.
“Yes the belly. Tickle tickle tickle.” Cailin teased as she tweaked and tickled Weiss’ belly.
“Mmmm, you have a nice tummy Weiss.” Cailin cooed as she tweaked Weiss’ fit tummy.
Weiss blushed from the compliment.
“T-thaahahahahnk yohohohu.” Weiss managed to say through her giggles. She was starting to get used to Cailin sitting on her lap. She almost welcomed it.

“I think your poor tummy has had enough.” Cailin said, getting off Weiss’ lap.
Weiss panted for breath, the lingering tingling sensations on her tummy faded.
Her eyes widened when she realized where Cailin was going. She knelt down in front of her squirming feet.
“W-wait Cailin! M-my feet are too ticklish!” She squirmed around, trying to deter Cailin from tickling her most ticklish spot.
“Really? Well that’s just too bad.” She shrugged as she wiggled her fingers threateningly towards Weiss’ feet.
Weiss’ eyes widened with dread as she clenched her toes. She continued trying to reason with the maid girl.
“W-wait! Please Cailin! G-go back to my upper-body, tickle my belly more!” She offered.
Cailin looked at her teasingly.
“Do you just want me on your lap again Mrs. Schnee?” Cailin asked in a teasing way.

Weiss was so flustered. Cailin’s presence was comforting, she was a very good friend to her. Buuuut.
Cailin took advantage of Weiss’ distraction to run her fingers all around the ticklish soles.
Weiss’ eyes bugged for an instant before she started laughing.
“Gahahahahaha! Cahahahahailin Cahahahahahahahaharnahahation yohohohohohou sneheheheak!” Weiss cried out through her laughter.
“Mmm, thank you Mrs. Schnee. Now stop talking and laugh for me.” Cailin smiled sweetly as she tormented the writhing soles in front of her.
“Ohohohohoho gohohohohod thihihihihis ihihihis tohohohohortuhuhuhure!” Weiss laughed as she tried to pull her feet back.
Cailin decided to use something to help her.
“You want me to stop tickling you with my fingernails?” Cailin teased, scratching at Weiss’ arch.
Weiss lost it.
“GAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! YEHEHEHEHEHES! YEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHES PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE STAHAHAHAHAHAP!” Weiss thrashed, wiggling and curling her toes to try and dilute the intense sensations coursing through her.

“Wellllllll, ok.” Cailing drew her fingers back, giving Weiss a momentary break.
As the heiress panted for breath, she was unaware of Cailin’s next move.
“Oh Cailin. You are so dead when I get ohohohohout of- Whahahaha-?” Weiss started giggling unexpectedly when she felt something fluffy tickle her soles. She looked down and saw Cailin using a feather duster to tickle her soles.
“Your feet seemed dusty, so I decided to clean them up.” Cailin said as an excuse. She fluttered the duster all over her feet.
“Nohoho thehey ahaharen’t! Weiss said defensively. She actually enjoyed this tickling. It was more gentle and relaxing than Cailin’s fingers. She settled back into the chair, just letting her giggles out.
Cailin noticed this.
“Are you enjoying yourself Mrs. Schnee?”  Cailin asked as she whisked the feather duster across her toes, getting less giggles.
“Hehehe yehes.” Weiss giggled easily.
“Good, because you’re going to be here for a while.” She promised, never stopping the gentle torment.
Weiss didn’t mind.

“Wehehiss? Hehehe Weiss?” Ruby squirmed in her hogtie as Weiss’ fingers lazily traced her soles. Weiss got that daydream look in her eyes. Ruby sighed testing her bonds.
“She better wake up soon.” She thought to herself as she was gently tickled by the daydreaming heiress.
It wouldn’t be very long until Weiss woke up, and she was untied. Not too long until they would agree that they would tell no one about what happened.

As Professor Ozpin looked at his tablet, he thought to himself.
“Hmm. Well that was interesting.”
Drum roll please!

Good lord I finally got this done. It took a long time, but its done. Hope you guys like it.
I personally find it kinda hard to read. I think I was just all over the place in this. Might just be me though.

My next RWBY story will be about Yang and Blake. One will be the lee, and the other the ler. Problem is...I can't choose. So go right on ahead and vote here:…

Oh, and yes I am a Yuri fan. If you see bits of it in the story....yeah that's because I couldn't help myself.

Weiss Schnee, Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, and Professor Ozpin all belong to :iconmontyoum:'

Cailin Carnation is my creation, and I quite like her. Maybe I'll put her in something else if people like her.
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Ozpin XD Nice story :-) Thank you for making it :-)
CresentDelma Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Very interesting.
I only got one word to say: AWESOME!

You've done a spectacular job on that story of yours. I loved it so much. And I have to admit that Weiss became pretty funny when she kept on daydreaming in the middle of it. XD
HyperEidos Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
Sorry for the late reply btw, but I appreciate what you said about my story :)
I thought that daydreaming would add some comic relief XD
It's no trouble. For it's better late than never. ^^
And indeed it did, for anytime when you have to add something to amuse the reader,
it has to be a good one that will create a good sense of humor. :)
HyperEidos Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I appreciate the applause.
OtakuLeader1 Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. I just. I don't even know why I read this. I am 100% sure I do not have a foot fetish nor a liking for being tickled but you made it seem like it was ok to have either fetish, if even a little. Using my favorite (?) pairing from RWBY was what made me want to read this in the first place. I was expecting something very...not good but you made it well. It's rare when something I don't like becomes something that I do. Your writing style is quite good. I could imagine everything quite vividly. Thank you for sharing!
HyperEidos Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
May I just say that is probably one of the most detailed, nicest and professional things anyone has ever commented on any of my stories? I'm glad you liked it :)
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