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November 23, 2013
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It was that time of the week for Blake again.
She lay down on her bed in her school uniform with her shoes off. She had taken off her jacket and vest due to the heat. In her hands was unsurprisingly, a book. However this was one book she wanted no one to see her read.
‘Ninja’s of Love’ A book of which she was a huge fan. This was one fact that she wanted no one to find out.
It was for this reason that she picked this specific period of time every week. This was the period where Ruby and Weiss had class together, and Yang took extra practices with her Ember Celica. This period of time lasted for roughly one hour, more than enough time to get some good private reading in.
However today would be different. How? That difference came in the form of a golden-haired school-uniform clad brawler girl bursting through the door with no warning whatsoever. This girl went by the name of-
“Yang!” Blake said, momentarily forgetting what she was holding.

“Heya Blake watcha reading?” Yang asked, hopping onto Blake’s bed to get a good look at the book she was holding.
Blake’s heart dropped into her stomach.
“Uhhh, nothing.” Blake tried to discreetly hide the book under the bed covers. With Ruby, the younger girl would have been curious, but would have dropped the subject after asking about it a bunch of times. With Weiss she wouldn’t have even cared. But with Yang…
“Yeah right!” Yang swiftly grabbed the book from her before she could hide it.
“H-hey give that back!” Blake lunged for the book, only to be stopped by an outstretched hand on her forehead, keeping the black-haired girl at arm’s length away from the book thief.
“Ninja’s of Love? Y-you’re a fan of this?!” Yang was looking at Blake with an expression somewhere between shock and trying-not-to-laugh.
Blake felt like she was going to die of embarrassment.

“Yang. Pleeeeease don’t tell anyone!” Blake held her hands together in a begging position. She would die of embarrassment if anyone learned of her book interest.
Yang giggled and took her hand off Blake’s forehead, handing her book back to her.
“Blake calm down, I won’t tell anyone.” Yang assured her.
“Y-you won’t?” Blake was starting to calm down. There was hope after all.
“Of course I won’t.” Yang assured her, wrapping her arm around Blake’s shoulder. Blake blushed and flinched from the physical contact.
“I-I owe you one.” Blake muttered shyly. Yang noticed her awkwardness and playfully cuddled against her, making her blush even stronger.
“Weeeeeell. If you really mean that…” Yang started, rested her head on Blake’s shoulder.
“Of course.” She thought. “W-what do you want me to do?” She asked aloud, trying to shy away from Yang’s affections.
Yang whispered in her ear.
Blake looked at Yang in surprise.
“Seriously?” She asked. It was Yang’s turn to blush. What if Blake said no and decided to tell people what she suggested?
Then Blake sighed and smiled wearily.
“Alright, fine. Get what you need to get, and make sure no one else sees.” She gently pushed Yang’s arm off her shoulder. Yang squealed with excitement. She gently pushed Blake back on the bed, hopping up eagerly.
“Stay there like a good girl.” She said as she made her way to the nearby closet.

Blake’s heart raced as she lay back on the bed in her school uniform. She still couldn’t believe that Yang caught her! She always went to training after class with no exceptions! True Yang was alright and Blake knew that she wouldn’t gossip about her, but it was still embarrassing.
Meanwhile Yang was shifting through the closet looking for her bag of ‘toys’ to use on Blake. She found it right where she left it; hidden under the loose board in the closet. The last thing she wanted was for someone to discover her little bag of toys. Of course, she would make an exception for the cute quiet girl lying on the bed, ready to do almost anything she asked.
Of course she only had one thing in mind.

Blake focused on Yang’s smiling face appearing above her.
“How ya doin’ Blake?” Yang asked.
“Fine, I suppose. I’m about to be tied to the bed and get photographed soooo yeah.” Blake shrugged, not appearing to be bothered by what was about to happen.
Yep, Yang told her she was only going to tie her to the bed and photograph her, and yes…Yang neglected to tell her one major part of her plan.
“That’s the spirit!” Yang patted Blake’s head playfully. Blake smiled in an exasperated way. She spread her arms out in a spread eagle position, wiggling her fingers and toes.
“Well go ahead, tie me up.” She said. She had no idea what Yang’s true intentions were.
Yang smiled very wide, pulling some padded cuffs from her bag. She secured them to Blake’s wrists, cuffing them to the upper corners of the bed. Then she sat by Blake’s ankles and started removing her socks.
“Hey, leave my socks on!” Blake objected, trying to sit up, only to be stopped by the cuffs.
Yang stopped momentarily.
“But you’d look cuter barefoot.” Yang reasoned and, without missing a beat, recommenced removing Black’s socks.
Realizing she would be unable to persuade the golden haired girl to leave her socks, she flopped back on the bed trying to get comfortable as her feet were exposed to the cool air.

For Yang, it was love at first sight.
Blake’s feet were perfect. They were a size 8, with slender, black painted toes. The soles had a slight pink blush to them but were otherwise very pale. She had never seen feet that cute since Ruby. She loved Ruby’s tiny, gloriously sensitive feet, yet Blake’s feet had a different sort of appeal to them. She didn’t know if it was because they were bigger, or if it was because she put on nail polish, or some other reason. The feet in front of her seemed special somehow.
“Yang? You ok?” Blake was worried when Yang just stared at her bare feet. She curled her toes worriedly, hoping to catch her attention.
She did.
Yang shook her head, realizing she zoned out. Hoping Blake didn’t realize it was because of her feet, she cleared her throat in an embarrassed way.
She locked the cuffs around Blake’s unresisting ankles, binding them to the lower corners of the bed. She tightened the ropes of the cuffs, stretching Blake taut. The black-haired girl squirmed in resistance.

“Not too tight.” Blake grimaced. Yang smiled apologetically.
“Sorry.” She barely loosened the cuffs.
“Gee, thanks. So how many pictures do you want?”
Yang smiled.
“None.” She sat on the edge of the bed by Blake’s legs.
Blake looked shocked.
“None?” Blake was confused.
“None. What, do you think I’m some kind of perv?” Yang giggled.
Blake did not feel like giggling. As a matter of fact, she was downright irritated with her golden-haired partner.
“Then what was the point of all this!?” The immobile girl asked, squirming in her bonds.
“Eeeep!” Blake squealed. Her tummy tensed beneath her school uniform as a foreign sensation coursed through her body. Horror spread through her as the pieces came together.
Yang was going to tickle her.

“Y-yang, don’t do it.” Blake pleaded, tugging desperately at her cuffs. She learned quickly that Yang left her no leverage. She was stuck.
“Hm? Do what?” Yang asked, poking her belly again.
Blake squealed again. She was trying frantically to get out of her bonds. Lucky the cuffs were padded so she didn’t bruise or hurt her wrists in her struggles. Unfortunately this also meant that she had no hope of breaking free.
“You know what I’m talking about!” Blake was thrashing much as she could.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Don’t do what?” Yang smiled evilly as she positioned her hand to poke Blake’s belly again.
“TICKLE ME!” Blake shouted, a bit out of character. She didn’t realize that she fell into a waiting trap.
“Tickle you? That’s a good idea.” Yang attacked Blake’s ribs.

“N-NHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” Blake cried out laughing. She tried futilely to yank her arms free.
“Cootchy cootchy coooooo Blakey wakey.” Yang cooed, digging her fingers into her ribs.
Yang ignored her and just kept tickling her, now poking and tweaking her sides.
Blake squealed and yelped at every poke and tweak.
“EEEP! Ya-EEEEP do-EEEEP do thi-EEEEEEEEEEP!” She squealed especially loud at that last tweak.
“Sorry Blake, didn’t catch that. What’d ya say?” Yang teased, still poking and tweaking her team mate’s sides.

Blake practically screamed with frustration. She bucked in her bonds, trying to dislodge Yang. Her face was getting red from exerting herself. Yang noticed this and quickly stopped. She rubbed her sides comfortingly, rubbing away the tingly sensations.
“How ya doin?” She asked sarcastically.
“Terrible!” She snapped in between her panting. She was very aware of Yang rubbing her sides. The contact made her blush.
“You sure? You look pretty happy right now.” She teased, rubbing her belly.
“Shut up.” She murmured. It wasn’t the tickling that was making her happy, it was the tummy rub. It took all her power not to purr.
“Awww, you look so happy when I rub your tummy. You’re like a wittle kitty!” Yang gushed, still rubbing her tummy.

Blake blushed even more. Hidden in her bow, her ears twitched. The urge to purr was getting stronger. Her secret was close to being revealed.
Then she mewled.
It was a small sound, somewhere between a moan and a meow. Either way, it was completely. Utterly. Irresistibly.
“CUUUUUUUUTE!” She squealed as she hugged and nuzzled her.
“Geez when did you turn into Ruby?” She muttered, blushing a bit as Yang rubbed her cheek against her face.
“Awwwwwww kitty kitty kitty.” She gushed in a baby voice.
“S-seriously Yang, calm down.” She chuckled a bit at Yang’s enthusiasm.

It took a few minutes of cuddling, but Yang eventually stopped cuddling her, blushing a bit from her overreaction.
“Hehe…sorry.” She said sheepishly, fiddling with her golden hair.
Blake sighed with relief. She wiggled her ears very slightly in her bow. She almost purred.
“Want another tummy rub Blake?” Yang rested her hand on her belly, ready to elicit yet another mewl.
“NO! I-I mean thanks….but I’m good.” She pulled her bonds more, wiggling her bare feet and moving her tummy around.
Yang smiled as she noticed her squirming.
“You’re not going anywhere for a while Blakey.” She tickled her cheek with her hair, eliciting giggles and lots of blushing from the poor girl.
“Heheh stahap!” She tried to move her head away from the silky strands teasing her cheek.

“Awww, so cute.” She teased her neck with her hair, stroking along the collarbone as well.
Blake giggled lightly, the hair tickled, but it also felt pretty good against her neck. She blushed when she tickled her lower collarbone.
Yang stopped using her hair and used her fingers to lightly tickle her armpits.
Blake’s eyes widened as she started giggling heavily from the light tickles.
“Hehehehehe Yahahahahahahng nohoohohohho!” She squirmed, trying to bring her arms down.
“You do remember that you’re tied down right?” Yang giggled as she admired Blake’s struggling. She looked cute in a helpless way. Her giggling was even cuter. A bit more girly than she expected.
“Yahahahahhahahaahng plehehehehehehase stahahahahahp!” She begged through her laughter.

“Awwwww, five more minuuuutes!” She whined like a school girl being woken up for school.
“Nohohohohohohho!” She objected, feeling Yang’s playful fingers on her underarms through the thin sleeves.
Yang pretended to think about it, lightly drumming her fingers against her tummy.
Blake squirmed against the teasing tickles.
“Plehehease stahahap.” She sucked in her tummy.
Yang looked back to see Blake’s writhing feet. Her toes wiggled, showing off their black-colored nails.
“Alright, you deserve mercy.” She stopped.
Blake was relieved when she felt Yang get off her waist. She had her eyes closed, panting. She believed that Yang would set her free now. After all, she had had her fun right?

“EEEEP!” She curled her toes as she felt something trail up her slender bare foot.
“Wow, your foot’s so soft.” Yang commented as she admired the writhing foot.
“Y-Yang?” She jerked her foot, trying desperately to pull it to safety. The golden-haired girl seemed almost hypnotized by her foot.
“So cute.” She said, staring dreamily at the squirming foot. She fluttered her fingers against the tender sole.

Blake squeaked before holding in her laughter.
“Y-Yahang! Grrr y-you b-b-behehetter stop!” She threatened. However her goofy restrained smile and Yang’s hypnotized stare directed at her left foot drastically removed the ‘intimidation’ factor.
Yang was slowly and tenderly tickling her partner’s foot, enjoying the silky smooth sole.
“Ohoho m-man! M-mahahahake ihihihhit stahahahahaahp!” Blake let her giggling out, wiggling her toes.
“Never. I want these feet to be mine forever.” She nuzzled them, brushing them with her golden hair.
“Hehehehehehehahahahahahah!” She giggled and curled her toes. Her hair really tickled! It was soft and fluttery like a mane of golden feathers. Yang noticed this, smiling.
“Like my hair?” She teased, gently grabbing a lock and gently stroked her foot with the soft hair.

“Naahahahahahahahah! Nohohohohohhoho!” She giggled, trying to pull her poor feet away from the teasing hair.
“Yes you do.” She teased, stroking under her toes.
“Eeeek!” She squeaked, curling her toes…
And trapping Yang’s hair.
After a few small tugs, Yang realized Blake was not letting go.
“B-Blake….l-let go please.” She said quietly, getting a little nervous.
Blake looked down questioningly, smiling evilly when she saw her predicament.
“Ohhh, problem?” She tugged at her hair a little bit.
Yang immediately dropped to her knees to keep her hair safe.
“Blake, I’m begging you, don’t hurt my hair.” She said very quietly.
“Tell you what….let me go, and take my place for the next hour.” She said evilly.
Yang frowned.

She started tickling her heel.
“Geheheh stahahahahahhahap!” She giggled, trying to tug her hair with her toes, only to find out there was too much slack to tug. Worst of all, she was getting a strong urge to flex her toes.
“You know, tickling a little sister for 15 years teaches you a loooot.” She smiled, still tickling her heels to free her precious hair.
“Yahahahahng stahahahahahp nohohohohoohhow!” Her toes twitched open a bit, freeing some strands of hair.
“Good girl, just a bit more.” She teased, grabbing a pen and dragging it up her sole.
“EEEEK!” She squealed loudly, her toes spreading out, letting every strand go free.
Yang affectionately stroked and hugged her hair, happy to see it safe and sound.
“Thank you Blake for releasing my hair.” She picked up the pen again.
“But I must punish you for your threat.” She pulled Blake’s toes back, stretching her pale sole taut.

Blake noticed this.
“Y-Yang! P-Please don’t use that….thing!”  She implored, trying to shake her foot free.
“Sorry Blakey, buuuuuut I’m actually not.” She began writing on her bare sole.
“OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO GOHOHOHHOHOD!” She cried with intense laughter.
Yang smiled as she continued drawing her picture on Blake’s sole.
“YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHNG STAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHP!” She thrashed on the bed as hard as she could.
“Stop squirming, your messing up the picture.” She whined, stroking the pen ticklishly around her taut, soft foot, leaving a work of art on the twitching sole.
“You will when I’m done.” She muttered, finishing the outline.
She smiled and admired her work. She dropped the pen only to reach for a more devious device.

Blake was relieved when the pen stopped tormenting her soles. However her tortured cries resumed when Yang scribbled a black marker against her sole.
“YAHAHAHAHAHAHANG WHYHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI?!?” She cried, trying to squirm away from the marker. She was in ticklish agony. The feeling of the marker sliding across her sole was crazy! Even the feeling of it drying was ticklish.

Yang was confused when she couldn’t hear her laughter anymore. Peeking out over her toes, she saw a red faced Blake silently laughing in suffering.
Panicking, she stopped coloring, and went up to check on her partner…but not before taking a picture of her masterpiece on Blake’s foot.
Blake was couching and gasping a bit for breath.
“Oh…..good…..lord!” She gasped, tugging weakly at her bindings.
Yang rubbed her tummy comfortingly.
“Hey, wanna look at your foot?” She asked her softly, holding up her phone.
Blake was struggling furiously trying not to purr. She looked at the picture on the phone.
She was so shocked, she meowed. Literally a cute, kitten-like “Meow?”
Because on the phone was Blake’s head with kitty-ears and writing that said; “Secret’s safe with me Kitty” cramped under her head. The drawing was beautiful, but it made Blake’s stomach fall into the bed.

“Y-You knew?” She let her purrs out, as she squirmed pleasantly.
“Yep. The laser pointer gave it away.” She giggled, remembering the incident. Blake blushed heavily.
“I hate you.” She muttered, twitching her ears as she remembered the embarrassing event.
Yang giggled. “You ran into the wall! It was soooo cuuuute.” She squealed, still rubbing her tummy.
“Mmmm sh-shut up.” She couldn’t help but love the tummy rub. Then it stopped. Just as she was about to whine, her bow loosened, then slipped off.
“Are your ears sensitive?” She asked, reaching for the usually hidden appendages.
“Yang.” She said warningly. Yang’s hands crept towards her twitching ears.
“I wonder what’ll happen if I dooooo…This!” She started scratching behind her ears.
“Nyaaaaaaaaaaaa.” She meowed, purring with delight and relaxing on the bed. She mewled and purred to show just how much she loved the gentle, affectionate touch.

“Awwww, soooo cuuuuuuuuuute.” Yang squealed, rubbing the tip of her ears now between her thumb and forefinger. Blake squealed with delight from the action and purred louder. Her stuck stuck out slightly from between her lips, which were in a cat smile. A light blush touched her cheeks as the pleasurable sensations continued. She closed her eyes in bliss, she was in heaven…until Yang leaned down to whisper into her right human ear;
“You know we gotta clean your foot?”
Blake stiffened, then melted as Yang skillfully rubbed the base of her ears to the tip.
“But just relax for now. An ear rub, a tummy rub, you just enjoy yourself kitty.” She cooed, rubbing her ears very skillfully.
Blake joined her and smiled as well. Her toes curled with dread at their impending cleaning, which was bound to be agonizingly ticklish. But for the meantime, she was content to be at the tender mercy of her teammate.

She honestly forgot how she got in this position.
Meanwhile, the Ninja’s of Love book remains discreetly in Yang’s backpack, ready for the golden haired girl to read.

Sorry for that burst of unprofessional-ism, I'm just relieved I got this done. Halleluiah.
I might put up a poll next for the story you guys are expecting next...oh wait, I already have an idea in mind. My non-tickling story I want to do, Ashes to Ashes.

Anyhow, I'm gonna be more focused on drawing for :iconHomonculusLover:'s Holiday Contest. Go check it out if you like drawing and Christmas. 
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Wow. pretty good. keep up the good work.
HyperEidos Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you Melee :)
no problem friend.
its is AWESOME ^^
HyperEidos Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. Sorry for the massive delay, but I got to it.
Hmmmmmm is it just me, or do I recognize some parts? XDDD I LOVE it, it's so DAMN good!
HyperEidos Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have Noooo idea what your talking about. :3
Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it.
are ya kidding me? I love it!
and reeeeeally? No idea? Nothing at all? XDDD
I have to be honest, I found the first story much more enjoyable.
But that doesn't mean I didn't like this one. It was really good ! I love what you did with Blake and her cat secret. ^o^
HyperEidos Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I feel this story is pretty lack-luster and not as interesting. The first one remains my favorite.
And thank you, I was eager to use Blake's Faunas secret in the story.
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